Advantages and Disadvantages of ONLINE CLASSES

Online classes were at peak during the prime Covid risk. Here we will figure out the advantages and Disadvantages of ONLINE CLASSES After the assessment of the possible threat that the gathering can bring to children, the modality of the education system shifted entirely over the night. According to UNICEF, 77 million children have been deprived of classrooms during the past 18 months. School children worldwide have lost 1.8 trillion hours and counting of the in-person learning facility.


Many schools started to operate through online classes immediately after the government decided to impose month’s long lockdown. The education system then shifted to sitting in front of the laptop and smartphones while the teacher delivered the course on the other end.


How are the online classes held?

It’s only fair to say that the pandemic has introduced a new way of learning. Many children and even adults had to study their whole academic year online from home. Not just the course-related stuff, but even the extracurricular activities were being carried out online. This has helped a lot and is the biggest advantages of online classes especially for health and safety.


Online classes are/were held through Zoom, google meet, Classroom, and other means of social apps. The teachers would specify the topic for the study for the day and send a link to all the students. Following the link, students joined the class and the course would move ahead. By the end of the class, homework would be assigned either verbally, or through a shared link. Many teachers even went ahead and created a drive for the student access and uploading of notes and homework. Some time technology get hard to understand and thats a drawback and disadvantages of online classes.


Is online learning enough?


Before moving into our topic advantages and disadvantages of online classes lets understand whether it is enough or not? Well, this can be a subject of discussion. One has to keep in mind that not everyone has similar access to the internet, laptops and in some remote areas even smartphones. Due to the lack of the right technology, the learning process fails to yield any productive outcome. Especially, in the case of the younger children, not having a structured environment while learning can easily create a gap between the class and the student. They tend to get distracted and pay least to no attention to the teachers. Ensuring a structural learning environment is next to impossible due to technical difficulties. Thats the biggest challenges and disadvantages of online classes.


Some research, however, shows that students hold on to 25-60% more materials during online classes. During the physical classes that percent lessens to around 10%. This happens due to the flexibility to the students to learn at their own pace, revisit the same notes, skip the one they find less interesting and revert later and other primary reasons being the cause.


Advantages of Online classes:


It was a pandemic that made people consider the probability of leading the generation digitally in a radical way. We would have never applied the home-based educational system had we not been exposed to the worldwide pandemic. We can certainly agree that there are some advantages to online classes.

  1. Time-saving:

The travel time the to-and-forth the educational institution is saved which gives students more time in hand to prepare their materials. All it requires is the availability of WIFI and a good mobile or laptop, so one can attain the classes anytime regardless of the distance. The recording features of the online apps help students get back to the lectures whenever they feel confused afterward.


  1. Context Delivery:

Online classes provide huge options to display PDFs, case stories, theories, and many more. These practical materials for teaching help the learning process more fun and increase the chances of understanding the topics much better. If teachers are able to use these more in the online class they can surely get the attention of the students for better deliverables. 


  1. Various Styles of Teaching:

Every teacher prefers to teach in their own unique way. When they get the opportunity to explore their teaching method that is different from than school’s style, they tend to do it much better. Even in the case of students, the capacity to understand and learn is different. The online classes give both the parties to learn through a more liberal and easy method.


  1. Attendance:

Since online classes can be taken from anywhere, in any situation so it assures the chances of having full attendance. All one needs to attend an online class is a good internet connection and a device to use it. Now lets talk about disadvantages of online classes.

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Disadvantages of Online classes:


Regardless of the few upsides that online classes bring, one can simply not ignore the drawbacks of online classes.


  1. Technological issues:

One of the major drawbacks of online classes is the requirement of internet facilities and a good device to support the online class. Those living in the city area having access to all these seem not to be bothered by this issue, but the students who are living in remote areas would say otherwise. Education cannot be biased, yet those students living in the remote part of the country hardly get to attend the classes. In an area where electricity is scarce, how would they manage a well-equipped mobile or laptop with good internet access to attend the class? 


  1. Digitally drained: one of the critical disadvantages of online classes

Many children throughout the globe have complained about how digitally draining online classes can be. One has to sit in front of the screen and look at blank boxes hearing someone speak on the other end. Without any human interaction, this becomes the most tedious process and one feels not just fatigue but also will desire nothing more than to quiet it.


  1. Mental Pressure:

Since the online classes demand huge time in front of the screen, homework’s done and submission through the links many start to experience the mental pressure due to extreme situations. They have no friends to talk to, are stuck at home with nothing but speaking devices, this can cause isolation and depression among many teenagers. The news about suicide by young people due to lockdown, because of online classes was heard enough during the covid period.


  1. Redundancy in class:

Since the online class gives students the option of mute and cameras to remain off, so many tend to simply log in to the class and be occupied somewhere else. They put on the class, turn off the camera and mute the mike and play games, stroll around the room, and do basically everything but pay attention to class.


  1. Slacking off homework:

Since there is no proof of whether or not the typing work is done by the student himself, there are huge chances of the work being done by someone else or delegating the homework to another classmate and many such chances. Even in the case of exams, to be sure that the exam is being conducted fairly would be unwise. Online classes have lowered the chances of proper educational attainment of children.


As a result of the downside of the online classes, many countries tried to reduce the forced class attendance of the students. Also, some charitable organizations and many people provided various laptops and cellphones to students worldwide to lessen the chances of the mental and economic torcheres that students were going through.

Every day in the news we got to see students traveling to top areas of their village just to get good internet coverage, many suicide cases were seen in the developing countries. The students from the remote areas were so discouraged by the online education system and disheartened because of financial and technological limitations, that they preferred suicides. Also, many families sold the jewelry or took loans from people in order to buy laptops or even simple smartphones to ensure the academic requirement of their child is being fulfilled.


Concluding Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

We can find both the better side and the darker sides to the online classes. Means there is advantages and disadvantages of online classes. It is our situation and privileges that decide which part we prefer to see more. Having said that, we simply cannot ignore how distressful and demotivating these times have been for people. One can hardly empathize with the predicament of those who suffered badly because of the Online classes.


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