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When you talk about Amazon warehouses in India, there are two types. And both are entirely different. Here, is the explanation of both kinds of warehouses. Technically, A warehouse is simply a building used to store products before selling them. Almost every company has its own warehouse, especially online businesses. The Amazon warehouse is buildings where the products of Amazon Company are stored. Amazon is a huge company, hence has many different warehouses. Amazon has around 60 fulfillment centers in India alone. If you are searching for an Amazon warehouse in India, you have reached the right place.


The biggest Amazon warehouse in India is located in Bengaluru. It has a storage space capacity of 2.4 million cubic feet. Amazon warehouse in India is spread in Kolkata, Delhi, etc. Amazon constantly has been adding warehouses all over India. The warehouses currently are spread over many acres of land.


Why does Amazon require many warehouses?


The main purpose of having more warehouses is to improve the service. Their investment in technology and infrastructure helps in quality services. they do not only benefit the sellers but everyone. It also ensures customers have closer access to fulfillment centers. This helps in faster delivery and more products to choose from. This also helps the secondary business operating under Amazon. The businesses include all kinds of packaging, transportation, and logistics.


Can you rent your land to an Amazon warehouse in India?


The number of fulfillment centers keeps increasing on a regular basis. They are always in search of land suitable for them. So, you definitely can rent your land to them. You can rent them for both industrial and warehousing. except that a joint venture can also be sued to buy one of the warehouses.


They recently signed the clause for rental for an estate near Mumbai. The monthly rental is rs. 29.2 per square foot. The land is 9 lakh square feet. The lease agreement was for 20 years. The clause also agrees to a rental escalation of 15% every 3 years. You can lease your estate with the help of firms or real estate.


The Amazon warehouse Section:

However, Amazon warehouse is a section on the Amazon website. This section offers major discounts on popular products. The products available are generally pre-owned, like-new, etc. This section offers benefits and facilities like the Amazon website. There is no kind of negative effect on the service and facility they provide.

Amazon warehouse India

Different conditions of  products:

The product available in the warehouse can be in different conditions. It might be hard to distinguish the condition of a product. Hence, the condition is mentioned on the website itself. The different conditions are as follows;


Used- like new: These items are in perfect condition. There is no kind of damage to the product. However, there might be damage to the packaging. These items fully function. They also have all the essential products included.


Used- very good: These items are in a good usable condition. The product might have slight scratches. However, they are completely usable and include almost all parts. The packaging might be damaged or repackaged. There might be a chance of missing some non-essential parts.


Used-good: These products have been moderately used but are in good condition. They are fully working but may consist of minor damages. They might be missing some essential parts of the product. The missing accessories are mentioned on the website as well.


Used-acceptable: The item under this has been constantly used. They have clear signs of damage and being used. However, this product still serves its main function. These products may lack the valuable accessories required. You also might require to replace these products before using them.


Advantages of buying from the Amazon warehouse:

The very first advantage is the low cost. You can buy the same article at a cheaper price. Customers can get the same product, same service at an affordable price. It is a lot cheaper than the actual price. Another advantage is saving the environment. Reusing the already used articles helps in keeping the environment clean. There is also a warranty on the products. They also allow a return in case of not being satisfied.


Products on Amazon warehouse:

Websites are always looking for their development. Amazon is one of the top commerce websites. Warehousing service is a clever way to develop their business. There are many orders placed on the Amazon website every day. Since it has various return policies there are many items constantly returned. All these products are then kept under the Amazon warehouse.


How to buy products from the Amazon warehouse in India:

If you are looking to access the warehouse section, these are the steps to be considered. First of all, you will need to go to the main website. You can either visit through or just type amazon India. here, you can see all the products available in this market. But, for warehouse products, you will need to visit the other section. Now, type “Amazon warehouse’ in the search bar. After typing, click the search button. The page of the amazon warehouse will open with a banner. Now, click the shop now button.


After this, you will reach the actual warehouse market. You can now see the products they are providing. You will have to go through the description. Since many kinds of products are available on the platform check carefully. Now select all the products you like. After the selection, continue buying like you always would. the delivery will also take a similar amount of time.

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 Conclusion on Amazon warehouse India

Amazon aims for customer satisfaction and network growth. There are many categories of products available to meet a customer’s demand. You can choose your desired category for easy searching. There are also products by craftsmen and artisans. There are wider offerings on the mains section as compared to the warehouse section. Amazon’s website has grown immensely. You can buy almost everything with many options. From party items to tops.


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