Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Demonstration of Real Life Images

Samsung’s 2022 foldable phones are expected to appear in August, and before then, we’ve heard a lot about the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4, and it’s reasonable to think the cycle will continue. While both foldable devices had previously been shown in leaked renderings, we now have real-life photographs of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, which provide a much closer look. Take a look at these!

Leaked Images of Galaxy Z Flip 4

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 has been photographed from various angles and orientations by the YouTube channel TechTalkTV. The one with the phone fully open displays a pleasant change: a less apparent wrinkle, which has also been rumored. The wrinkle on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 when unfurled was pretty noticeable.

Although the wrinkle isn’t completely gone, it’s no longer as noticeable. Even while it isn’t a serious flaw, one of the photographs reveals a narrower hinge. Furthermore, when the gadget is fully opened, the space between the two sections appears to be less.

Aside from these modest tweaks, the Galaxy Flip 4 doesn’t appear to be bringing anything new to the table. The photos reveal a clamshell design with a two-tone rear panel and dual cameras positioned vertically. When the Galaxy Z Flip 4 renderings leaked last month, we got to see this as well. The phone is now coated in a matte black hue, but more color possibilities are expected.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 leak

While the design department may not thrill you, the spec sheet, according to the rumor mill, will. The phone is believed to be powered by Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU, which will be a major boost over the previous model. The battery is another component that may be fascinating. It will most likely be powered by a larger 3,700mAh battery than the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s 3,300mAh battery. Given the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s lackluster battery life, this improvement might be beneficial.

The cameras may detect improvements, but there may not be many. The 12MP dual back cameras featured on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 are anticipated to be retained on the Galaxy Z Flip 4. There are some storage enhancements in the works for both the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

In August, Samsung is likely to release the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4, as well as the Galaxy Watch 5 series. You should be aware that a precise timeline has yet to be revealed, although we may learn more shortly. So, stay tuned to Softech Foundation for further information.


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