Atomic Habits are routine habits that are easy to implement and do not exert huge effort but also are the source of incredible power. If we look closely, habits are not very different than atoms. They are small and compact but when unleased with proper practice can release immense energy or power.  Atomic habits are small routines or fundamental units that combine into the overall system of behavior that makes our life.

One can easily understand atomic habits as the desired routine in their life. If an individual sets a daily routine of waking up early and going for a run or developing a reading habit early in the morning, making your own bed, and getting yourself a cup of coffee. All these small activities that you do on a regular basis shapes your overall day. If you find yourself stuck in a loop of bad habits and are unable to change them, remember that the prime cause for this is the wrong system for change.


Developing better habits (Atomic Habits): where to focus?

  1. Focus on getting 1% better every day:

Humans have their limitations. Not everything can be covered overnight and one simply can’t excel at once. There indeed are many things that we as an individual look forward to amending and growing out of. If we try to juggle every aspect of our life at the same time, we will just be busy and yield no productivity. The wise thing to do would be to focus on one aspect at one time, no matter how small it is, always live by one thing at a time motto.


  1. Stick to good atomic habits:

Good habits are not very hard to implement if it is a day we are talking about. Adding to this, we often find incorporating such habits into certain days an easy thing but to make a habit of it is the real challenge. If you want to see the positive change in the upcoming days you must learn to stick to the good habits you take on.


  1. Avoid common that most people make.

We see many common errors that people around us make on daily basis. That can be co-workers, supervisors, relatives, or general people you come across. Seeing them make that mistake gives you an opportunity to know what not to do and what to avoid. Pay attention to those common errors and make sure you don’t repeat those.


  1. Overcome a lack of motivation 

Believing that you are incapable of something convinces your mind that you will remain so forever. Try focusing on, “I will work on it and learn”, rather than, “This is beyond my understanding”.


  1. Belief in yourself while developing Atomic Habits

Self-awareness and belief is the best thing you can do for yourself. It is rarely seen that people believe in all your dreams and ambitions, but you always have the chance of getting yourself as your greatest hype man. So, do yourself a favor and believe in the power of your imagination and the success of your ambitions. 


  1. Make time for new habits.

Making time for the establishment of new habits is just as important as remaining consistent with the old ones. You can only grow to your potential by learning new skills and habits that will push you towards success.


  1. Make tiny changes that deliver big results.

Success is not an overtight thing. Also, the attainment of something big is not possible at once. If you look forth to becoming a novelist, start by writing journals, or simple blog posts. 


  1. Get back on track when distracted.

Getting distracted from your path is an inevitable thing. There are various external, or even internal factors that often misguide people from their path. Be aware of the possible source of distraction and when found in a similar situation revert back to the original plan.


  1. Design your environment.

Your environment shapes your growth. The people you surround yourself with, the place you work at, the mindset you adopt, sanitation and cleanliness, seat arrangements, each of these components are to be considered for a better state of mind. 


  1. Put ideas into practice.

We often find that there is a huge gap between the generated ideas and their implementation. Idea generation is all in the head and people often go beyond the resources capacities and physical limitations and make too ambitious ideas. They do seem well in your head but are far different than the actual reality. Before you spend your time in idea generation make sure it can be attainable and is in line with the available resources and capital.

(Source: Atomic Habit: An easy & Proven ay to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear)
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Core values used by people during their daily lives: Atomic Habits

People abide by various core values (Personal values) in their daily activities. These core values serve a big deal in ensuring consistent Atomic Habits.


  1. Authenticity:

Remaining genuine with one’s behaviors and attitude is one of the most preferred core values. Keeping the acts within the legitimization of the legal bond and honoring the positive social construct can help one reach greater heights.


  1. Achievement:

Keep in track the achievement records. Nothing motivates a person more than having something to look back and find the milestones one has overcome. Realizing the smaller achievements while on the path to bigger, keeps a person consistent and motivated in their journey.


  1. Balance:

Adopting healthier habits with consistency does not only include the professional attribute, rather includes a holistic method. When we say we are willing to adopt atomic habits, we need to make sure we create a balance between the various aspects of our life, including every influencing people while in the journey.  


  1. Compassion for Atomic Habits

Compassion is the most underrated value that one can include in their daily routine. Being compassionate with your goals, people and environment help one remain humble and rooted to their grounds.


  1. Challenge:

Challenges should never be external. It is always you against you. Challenge yourself to do better than yesterday, become well than yesterday. Push your limits and go for things that are beyond your comfort zone. Pushing yourself farther than a day before is always a healthy thing to do.


  1. Creativity:

Invest your mind into creating some new innovation, brainstorm for better ideas, and look for better approaches. Embracing creativity is a healthy core value to live by.


  1.  Determination for Atomic Habits:

Having strong determination is almost similar to covering half the journey to success. Knowing that no matter what you come across you will face it, work on it and find a way out is the most positive attitude one can have. 

The acceptance of the core values may differ from person to person. It is highly influenced by the surroundings and the acceptance that one has been exposed to from an early age. However, the above-mentioned values are something that every individual can try to include in their lives to make them better.

If you find the above-mentioned things very intriguing and wish to more about Atomic Habits in detail, you should definitely read the book Atomic Habit: An easy & proven way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear. The book is one of the most preferred books in the self-help genre, and readers are in awe of the ideas and examples in it. This book contains very descriptive answers to various queries like, how to make life better, what are the do and don’ts for the attainment of a successful life, how to remain consistent with goals without being distracted by any outer or inner factors, and many more.


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