Hamrobazar (Complete Overview on Hamrobazaar.com 2022)

Nepal’s leading online classified marketplace for brand new and second-hand products, Hamrobazar(hamrobazzar.com) was founded in 2005 by Prabal Saakha. Since its launch, Hamrobazar has had a strong presence in the Nepalese online marketplace. Providing a platform to buy and sell brand-new and used products might be the reason behind the company’s success. The now MNS … Read more

Best Bikes Under 5 Lakhs in Nepal 2022

In a contest of Nepal finding the best bike under 5 lakhs is quite difficult but here listing of the best 5 bikes which come under 5 lakhs. And also best by their performance, mileage, specification.   HeroXplus200   Hero XPulse 200 4V is an adventure bike. The Hero Xpulse 200 4V is powered by … Read more

Top 5 Best Anime 2022

Anime is the most liked thing by teenagers.  Rumors of one punch man season 3 is releasing soon in the market. Here we have collected the top 5 best anime you must have a look at them. Naruto Naruto is the anime series that ran between 2002 and 2007 also with Naruto: Shippuden which ran … Read more

Realme Mobile Price in Nepal 2022

Realme is a new company not just in Nepal but for the rest of the world and we will find out Realme mobiles price in Nepal 2022. Realme Nepal is a younger player in Nepal comparing other mobile phones. Despite the dominance of Samsung, Xiaomi, oppo & Vivo somehow Realme also managed to make its … Read more

Poco Mobile Price in Nepal 2022

Poco is one of the most renowned smartphone brands in Nepal and across the World. The Poco is a performance segments phone that will also see your pocket. Xiaomi Poco Mobile price in Nepal 2022 is hot searches for Poco fans or customers in Nepal.   About Poco Brand and Company Poco is a brand … Read more

TikTok Gifts: Coins & Diamonds

TikTok Gifts are Virtual gifts designed by TikTok exchanged with TikTok coins. Coins purchased by users are sent to the creators in the form of virtual gifts to appreciate their favorite creators. TikTok gifts are used during Live and to support as a video gift as well. TikTok gifts sent to the creators are converted … Read more

iPhone Price in Nepal

Apple iPhone is a global market leader in the smartphone industry. iPhone is the 4th most sold brand in Nepal. The reason for being a fourth in Nepal is because of its pricing. Apple price its iPhone bit expensive because of high taxes. Although the Phone is expensive the number of buyers is more here. … Read more

India has more Unicorns than the UK 2021

We are already getting news from various sources that India has more unicorns than the UK now in 2021. A unicorn is a creature like a horse that has horned in the forehead and is a special giant and has a flying or fast running capacity. Here we are not talking about the creature or … Read more

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal

Samsung mobile price in Nepal depends on Various factors like design, specifications, and usability. Samsung mobile is the number 1 mobile company in Nepal. The reason is simple, the trust for Samsung mobile is way bigger than any other mobile phone available in Nepal. IMS Group and Him Electronics have authorized National distributors of the … Read more

Redmi Mobile Price in Nepal: Xiaomi Mobile

Redmi mobile price in Nepal is comparatively the same as Indian price and is most searched in Nepal. The recently launched Redmi Note 9 and Note 9 Pro are doing great business in Nepal. Xiaomi or Redmi is one of the Second most sold mobiles in Nepal after Samsung. Redmi has more than 25% Market … Read more