Subisu Modular Data Center is Now Operational

Subisu is Nepal’s one of the largest ISP’s providers. It completes the installation of its largest modular data center. The Subisu Modular Data Center is now operational. It is the first of its sort in Nepal, and it is the country’s largest data center. Subisu Cablenet Ltd. opened a modular data center. The company is … Read more

PayPal Offers Free Payment Services To Ukrainians

PayPal announces its plans to extend its payment services for Ukrainians, indicating its support for the country. Ukrainian PayPal accounts will be able to send and receive money from friends and family as of Thursday, thanks to the new payment service. Ukrainian account holders can now transfer money from their PayPal accounts to credit and … Read more

Royalty for Nepali Singers From Facebook Reels

This is a piece of very good news for Nepali singers as they will now get a royalty from Facebook and Instagram Reels. There was a recent agreement with Meta by the Music Royalty Collection Society Nepal (MRCSN). This agreement made sure that the singers get a cut from their music running in short videos. … Read more

Ncell Bags Telecom Company of the year Award At Asian Telecom Awards

  At the Asian Telecom Awards of 2022, Ncell becomes the winner of the awards ‘the Telecom Company of the Year’, and ‘Infrastructure Initiative of the Year’. Ncell is a private telecom operator that has remarkable performance and started Integrated Data Centre (IDC). Because of it, Ncell grabbed two prestigious awards.   The Asian Telecom … Read more

An Open Source Harassment Manager By Google For Journalists

Google’s Harassment manager is an open-source anti-harassment program. Google poises to provide the source code for this program. This program assists female journalists, public personalities, and activists. It particularly focuses on those who cover contentious themes or live in authoritarian regimes, in dealing with online abuse. The service uses Jigsaw’s Perspective API, which allows users … Read more

Microsoft’s New PowerPoint Features to Transform Your Presentations

Users will soon be able to include a video feed into their presentations using Microsoft’s new functionality for PowerPoint and Teams. Here’s how it’ll work, according to the business.   Microsoft’s Cameo function For starters, Microsoft’s Cameo function allows users to choose where their faces from a Teams video appear on live PowerPoint presentations. It … Read more