Docsumo raises $3.5 million to support job creation in Nepal and India

Docsumo, a document AI company, has raised $3.5 million in seed funding. The funding will be used to expand the company’s personnel and create jobs in Nepal and India. Docsumo is a smart AI startup that lets businesses make automated decisions based on client documents. Mr. Bikram Dahal, a young Nepali data scientist became an … Read more

Russia bans Facebook and Twitter and enacts a new media law.

Russian Authorities block Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms and news websites. In addition, the Russian government has enacted a law that gives Moscow even more ability to suppress independent journalism. According to reports, this is part of Russia’s expanding crackdown on independent news sources as it prepares to invade Ukraine. Media outlets … Read more

NTC Broadens Mobile Service in Baglung and Nishikhola

For the first time, NTC has launched its mobile service to Nishikhola. This has brought their long-awaited telecoms service to a close. Previously, residents had to go to far-flung areas to make calls in search of mobile towers. After establishing a 12-meter tower in Nishikhola, government-backed operator Nepal Communication (NTC) has begun offering telecom services. … Read more

Online Saathi Updates its Website, Marketplace is now Live

  Here, we introduce Online Saathi as a multivendor platform. In this fascinating 21st century, every individual is moving forward with technology and the internet. There is no doubt on e-commerce basically a multivendor marketplace is gaining heights of popularity. Due to the recent pandemic, people prefer online shopping. The days are gone when you … Read more

Russian bank cards are restricted from using Apple Pay and Google Pay

A number of Russian bank clients recently expressed dissatisfaction. This is for the inability to use their bank cards with Google Pay and Apple Pay. According to sources, this is a result of the country’s freshly enforced financial restrictions. The details of affected financial institutions are in a news statement that Russia’s Central Bank issued. … Read more

Exclusive Vianet MiniPack:  Just Rs.800 for 75Mbps + ViaTV/Ncell Data

  Vianet has now included the ViaTV option in its existing Vianet Mini pack/plan of 75 Mbps broadband for Rs.800 per month. Another alternative for you is the previously offered mini pack bundle, which included Ncell data of 48 GB per year. Vianet, which has already released its flagship Ultra-fi bundles, has developed another eye-catching … Read more

Warning to Microsoft Teams Users Regarding Malicious Files From Hackers

      With regard to the pandemic and need to connect remotely while working, Microsoft Teams flourished globally. In July 2021, Teams saw a rise that contributed to its astonishing 270 million monthly active users.  This expansion may appear to be remarkable and worthy. However, cybercriminals are on the loose. They are targeting millions … Read more