20 Best Movies on Netflix

The best movies available in the most recognized OTT platform of the world, are the stress buster to our hectic life. The new millennial trend regarding the obsession over Netflix is expressed as “Netflix and chill”. Here we talk more about the 20 best movies on Netflix that you can Binge in your leisure time, … Read more


Atomic Habits are routine habits that are easy to implement and do not exert huge effort but also are the source of incredible power. If we look closely, habits are not very different than atoms. They are small and compact but when unleased with proper practice can release immense energy or power.  Atomic habits are … Read more


Clear Review is a performance appraisal solution tool, which helps businesses manage, monitor, and evaluate the work of their employees through feedback collection. Clear Review is designed for all kinds of business, varying from middle to large. It provides open and constructive conversations to facilitate communication across team members to improve their performance. Clear Review’s … Read more

NEPALI STARTUPS: List of Startups in Nepal 2022

Here we will know about the Nepali startups 2022 or startups in Nepal 2022 along with additional information about startups in Nepal. Startups are the business that is at the initial phase. The founders of the startups do not immediately go off grounds, rather they wait for outside investment for sustaining finances. These companies start … Read more