Porsche Taycan

Originally, Stuttgart, Germany is the headquarter of Porsche automobile. These automobile company mainly manufactures high-performance sports cars, SUVs, and sedans. Let’s discuss an executive car of Porsche, the Porsche Taycan with its specification and features.   What’s new in the 2022 Porsche Taycan? The Taycan can now be parked remotely through a smartphone which means … Read more

Electric Vehicles (EV) in Nepal

Normally, the term “Vehicle ” means some car, bike, or scooter with a fabulous powertrain or engine. Vehicles powered by diesel or petroleum products are one of the trending subjects in this generation. Due to basic needs and interests, they are the most selling products. But It produces harmful gas like carbon monoxide and is … Read more

Electric cars in Nepal

When we hear the term “car”, our mind automatically imagines some vehicle with a fabulous powertrain or engine and many of its specifications. Cars running in diesel and petroleum products are one of the biggest hype in this generation and are also the most selling cars. But, considering the pollution and waste of non-renewable resources, … Read more

Land Rover Defender 2022

Originally, the United Kingdom (Coventry) is the main headquarters of Land Rover. Range Rover models include the brand’s trademark ruggedness. It is a British automaker known for designing luxury vehicles, off-road-ready SUVs, and many more. Here we will talk about Land Rover Defender.   What’s new in the 2022 Land Rover Defender? Land rovers have … Read more

Ford Bronco 2022

Ford is an American automobile company whose headquarter lies in Dearborn, Michigan city. Ford designs its vehicle so perfectly that it fits in the smart world with its dynamic design. Trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles are mostly the main products of Ford. These cars are widely preferable by people. Go Ford is the official dealer … Read more

Car price in Nepal 2022

Being a developing country Nepal is not good at the fabrication of new technology. In terms of Nepal, there is not a single big automobile company though there used to be one named hulas motor, only auto assembly plant in Nepal which later on stopped its manufacture of the vehicles after the unification of Nepal … Read more

Nissan Frontier 2022 | Nissan Frontier Design, Specs & Price

The famous car brand “Nissan” originated in Japan. A place named Kanagawa in Japan is the main headquarters of Nissan. It is also known for its four divisions, Nissan, Infiniti (Luxury division), Nismo, and Datsun. This motor company is known as the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. Besides that, Nissan also manufactures vehicles of … Read more

Hyundai Santa Cruz 2022

Originally, South Korea (Seoul) is the main headquarters of Hyundai. These brands are known for their luxury cars subsidiary, Genesis motor, and electric vehicles. Hyundai cars are one of the most selling worldwide cars. Laxmi Intercontinental Pvt. Ltd is the authorized distributor of Hyundai Motors. Let’s start our further discussion on the 2022 Hyundai Santa … Read more