Becoming Better

Becoming better is a long-term process. A continuous effort on small matters leads an individual to become better in the long term. One can simply not expect to have significant growth, may that be in terms of character, profession, or state of mind. Trying to become better through a radical change in a very short span of time is not just too ambitious but also an unhealthy practice. When we are determined to improve the overall aspect of our lives at once, we tend to pay the least attention to the actual results. Being busy is not enough to be productive or to become better.


Where to focus in order to be better than yesterday?

First of all, focus on small habits. You may have the determination and willingness to change the fate of the world, become the most appreciated person that people will look up to for things in life, an expert in all the required fields that you work on a daily basis. Having self-belief that this is attainable is a positive sign that you look forth to becoming a better human than who you are today. Having said that you simply can’t remain gullible on the fact that this is not something that one can attain overnight, it requires consistency and is the final result of every small improvement you do on a daily basis.

Developing the habit of getting up early, doing exercise or going for a run, ditching surfing the internet and starting reading books for 30-45 minutes, cooking a healthy breakfast, organizing the schedule for the day. These small habits that one can learn to adopt every day help shape a brighter future for one. You can simply start your journey to becoming 1% better than the person you were yesterday by working on the development of these atomic Habits.



Habits are the way of thinking, willingness, or feeling acquired through repetitive mental, physical experience. Usually, a person does not self-evaluate their habitual behavior as the routine task impairs their ability of self-analysis. Sometimes our habits compel us to do things even when we are not at our 100% as our brain and body are used to it. That is one of the major reasons why it is difficult to break existing habits and embrace new ones. Our mind and body are already trained to do a few things and when we try to introduce it to a new routine, it resists it. That is when one has to play a continuous effort to cut off the toxic habits and introduce better habits in daily life.


What methods to adopt for improving habits and becoming better?

  1. Willingness for becoming better

In order to introduce your mind to new habits one needs to have strong willpower. We are so guided by our habits that even though we adopt something new for a day or two, our body soon resists the change and there is a high chance that one may revert back to the older one. Have determined willingness to suppress the urge of going back to the previous schedule. If you are able to convince your mind to adopt better habits you are on the path of becoming a better person.

  1. Adaptation:

New habits require consistent practice and push from the person until it becomes their regular habits. New habits take time, but once one is able to adopt the new habit to their life routine that pushes them nearer to the attainment of success.

  1. Elimination:

The establishment of good habits for the betterment sometimes demands the elimination of the bad ones. We are prone to bad habits and unless they are eliminated from within adopting the good habits or willingness for change keeps on being disrupted. In order to add the good habits, one needs to work on not just suppressing the old ones but rather eliminating them completely. This is also helpful for becoming better every day, Say No to things that impact you negatively.


Procrastination and Becoming better

Procrastination is the habit of delaying an important task, by channelizing the focus towards something relatively less important or unproductive. It is the biggest threat to one’s life and career. When you put important work at a halt due to laziness, or because you have not sorted out your priorities you undermine your time. The valuable time you can use to reach your utmost potential gets wasted and slowly it develops a habit. Why do we procrastinate?

Well, the answer to it is never specific. Sometimes we are distracted by external forces like, browsing Social sites, distracted by people, strolling around to past time, random long naps, laziness, lack of willingness to do something, etc. 


People have termed Procrastination into four different types, which being:

  1. Performer: 

These are the people who think they work well under the pressure. These are the types of people who shrink time for delivering results and work under extreme pressure.


  1. The self-deprecatory:

These are the people who are too hard on themselves, they are opposite to lazy. These people tend not to take rest and take excessive pressure on themselves.


  1. The overbooker:

These are the types of people who always claim to be too busy during any task assignments. The very statement will be their excuse for almost everything.


  1. The novelty seeker:

These people portray a terminal case of Shiny Object Syndrome. They show too eagerness to start any new project but get bored of it within a week and their boredom is seen during their task deliverables. 

These things will never help you in becoming better every day and that’s why Procrastination is not good.



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Staying motivated and Active for Becoming Better every Day

  1.     Reduce Screen-time: 

Our obsession with cell phones has made us vulnerable to Social Media fascination. People most tend to use their phones and spend a major morning time browsing through Social Sites. When one does that there are multiple things that happen simultaneously, first of all, they get fed with the negativity surfing through the internet being glorified as a trending topic which instantly drops the mood, Secondly, browsing the internet and viewing what is happening in the life of the friends and family may tend to discourage someone or feel bad about themselves as they will start to compare their situation with others. Another major setback of this habit is that it consumes most of the time leaving limited hours to spare for that actually yield productivity.


  1.     Meditate or Exercise For Becoming Better

The stress of our day, the pending email, due conversation with the boss, unexpressed feeling to the loved one, grief over the lost opportunity, and many more. The key to getting rid of it and freeing your mind from the burden has to be Mediation or exercising, jogging or any physical activity to ensure a healthy body and peace of mind. People prefer a little extra minute sleepover these activities but the result from the meditation and exercise of any form of physical pursuit is worth it in the end. 


  1.     Eat Healthy Food:

Healthy food is the most crucial thing of the day. Proper food before and during the day is mandatory for the better functioning of humans. A proper diet contains fruits, fibers, fresh juice, tortilla or pancake, or whatever is available which are full of nutritional values. Many people tend to skip eating healthy and get addicted to junk food, which not just hampers out physical wellbeing but also does no justice to mental and intellectual wellbeing.


  1.     Read a book:

Spearing 15-30 mins every day on the book of your preference will help you keep your mind fresh and increase your knowledge about things. Every successful person has mentioned that they read as many books as possible during their leisure time. This ensures the addition of information that helps for one’s growth.


  1.     Reciting Gratitude is the way of becoming better

It is believed that we attract what we think, it is very necessary for every individual to remain optimistic in life. We need to come to terms with the fact that resenting people or holding grudges against any situation is not going to do any good rather will just boost their anxiety. One major way to develop self-contentment is to recite the things that you are glad for. Every day if we sit down and express our gratitude for our privileges, our friends and family, achievements, lessons learned, and ultimately for the better person that we are becoming

Willingness to becoming better should be an easy and planned process. Do not get too hard on yourself by trying to become an expert in all fields, start small and remain consistent with the process. Improving your daily habits on regular basis and replacing the old bad habits with the new good ones will surely ensure you a better and brighter future ahead.


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