ICSE 10TH 2022 1ST Semester Results

Examinees that attended the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) are going to obtain their results fairly soon. The wait of the examinees will come to an end any time now. The Council for Indian School Certification Examination is planning to put out the results by the third or last week of January 2022. Though … Read more

Coronavirus in a nutshell

The starting of December 2019 is marked as the emergence of coronavirus that resulted in an international outbreak of respiratory illness. A virus is given the term COVID-19, presently named as Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2(SARS-CoV2). The Virus is one of the RNA viruses and is enveloped in nature. It was first identified from … Read more


Atomic Habits are routine habits that are easy to implement and do not exert huge effort but also are the source of incredible power. If we look closely, habits are not very different than atoms. They are small and compact but when unleased with proper practice can release immense energy or power.  Atomic habits are … Read more


Clear Review is a performance appraisal solution tool, which helps businesses manage, monitor, and evaluate the work of their employees through feedback collection. Clear Review is designed for all kinds of business, varying from middle to large. It provides open and constructive conversations to facilitate communication across team members to improve their performance. Clear Review’s … Read more

Becoming Better

Becoming better is a long-term process. A continuous effort on small matters leads an individual to become better in the long term. One can simply not expect to have significant growth, may that be in terms of character, profession, or state of mind. Trying to become better through a radical change in a very short … Read more


Becoming productive can mean different things to every unique individual. Productivity incorporates various meanings to different people. Some term it as being indulged in physical activity in order to get targeted outcomes, whereas others term it as the state of yielding deliverables by physical and intellectual efforts.  However it is necessary to learn that productivity … Read more