USB Type-C Port Compulsory For All Phones in Europe

All phones in Europe should have USB Type-C ports, according to the European Union. This goes against Apple’s lighting port heritage, compelling the company to adhere to the guideline. As a result, USB Type-C ports on iPhones in Europe becomes a reality. The shift aims of decreasing e-waste and creating a universal charging system. Let’s … Read more

ISPAN Warns of Internet Outage as NEA Cuts Electricty

NEA recently cut electricity available to ISPs in their data centers and points of presence (PoP) in numerous places, possibly causing an internet outage by ISPAN. ISPAN issued an alert that the internet could shut down anywhere in the country at any time. Nepal Electric Authority resumed cutting ISP power wires in several places. This comes … Read more

Daraz Launches Proudly Nepali to Promote Local Brands

Daraz Nepal, the largest online marketplace in Nepal, has unveiled the Proudly Nepali Campaign, which aims to promote local Nepalese brands. Unlike previous campaigns, this one focuses primarily on promoting and recognizing Nepali brands. This campaign promotes domestic businesses that provide high-quality goods and services in the Nepali market. Daraz’s core beliefs and aim of … Read more

NEA Launches Call Center To Solve Customer Issues

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has started operating a call center to help customers with their problems. People can now voice their concerns about the electricity supply to the authority directly over the phone. As a customer, you can voice your concerns about the power supply to the call center’s receiver. You can also use … Read more

Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal

There are countless opportunities in Nepal, but everyone is entirely focused on the highest-paying jobs in Nepal. Nepal is one of the world’s countries with the highest number of young people. The country has always been open to opportunities, speculation, and offers from foreign countries. Local development and local company creation are now two main … Read more