Sajilo Ride-Sharing Service Begins in Kathmandu Valley

Sajilo Saathi, a Nepali startup, has officially launched the Sajilo ride-sharing service. In its first phase of operation, the service is only available through the Sajilo app in the Kathmandu valley. With Sajilo, you have the option of taking a cab or a motorcycle for a reasonable price. On the first of Baisakh, the service … Read more

Gen You YouTube | YouTube video download- Genyoutube (गेन यूट्यूब)

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We often wonder about YouTube Video Download when we are about to go to a place where internet access is rarely available or even available but slow. This can be done through YouTube offline and premium features where you can download and watch it later. Gen You YouTube or Genyoutube (गेन यूट्यूब) is different thing … Read more

Online Saathi Updates its Website, Marketplace is now Live

  Here, we introduce Online Saathi as a multivendor platform. In this fascinating 21st century, every individual is moving forward with technology and the internet. There is no doubt on e-commerce basically a multivendor marketplace is gaining heights of popularity. Due to the recent pandemic, people prefer online shopping. The days are gone when you … Read more

Minecraft Mods and House Ideas 2022

Are you enticed by the Minecraft game, excited to experience all the Modes, and can’t wait to get started on building various new and modern Houses?   Minecraft is an open-world sandbox video game. Initially, it was run by a company called Mojang. In 2014, it was sold to Microsoft for USD $2.5 billion. It … Read more

Josh App

Josh app has gained popularity in India in recent times. Many people are curious about what the josh app actually is, Is It TikTok of India. Here, you can learn about it with the help of this article.   This Josh app gained popularity the very moment it was released. After Tiktok was banned in … Read more

Genshin Impact

If you are looking for a game to escape and duel into the world of fantasy, then come play Genshin Impact. Action role playing, OPEN WORLD oriented game Developed and published by miHoYo (Chinese video game development and animation studio based in Shanghai, China) powered by UNITY engine.   About Genshin impact Released on September … Read more