A New Vulnerability in Unisoc Chipsets Threatens 11% of Android Users

Check Point Research identifies a significant vulnerability in android cellphones powered by Unisoc SoCs. Check Point Research is a leading cybersecurity analysis group. The discovery of the flaw was in modem firmware and affects 4G and 5G phones. Continue reading to learn more about the Unisoc chipset vulnerability on android phones. Vulnerability in the Unisoc … Read more

NTC launches Mobile Network in Raghuganga Gaunpalika of Myagdi

Ntc, a government-owned telecom provider, has launched a mobile network service in Myagdi’s Raghuganga Gaunpalika. For the first time in the area, residents of Chimkhola 7 and Kuinemangal 8 may experience high-speed mobile internet and voice with the launch of GSM mobile service. The service started after Nepal Telecom (NTC) built a temporary base station … Read more

NTC Announces SIM KYC Update, FTTH Portal on Mobile App

Nepal Telecom (NTC), a telecom operator, has updated its mobile app with additional features. New features of NTC app include the ability to recharge using Namaste Pay, offline mode, KYC update, and the FTTH Portal, among others. The updated version, with version number 4.0.15, was released on May 26th. The app was first released on … Read more