CG Net Extends Service Outside Kathmandu


CG Internet Expansion Outside the valley

For the first time, CG Net started its service expansion outside the valley. The limitation of the service was only to Kathmandu after its remarkable launch. However, now it has expanded its service outside the valley as well. The company has initiated it’s ‘beyond the capital’ extension in 4 different cities.

CG Net Service Expansion

With the slogan “Speed that Matters,” CG Net released their 120 Mbps home bundle for Rs.999 in early June 2021. It was 8 months ago when it was both affordable and fast. The package caused outrage in Nepal’s ISP sector and compelled top ISPs to respond. It had such an exciting impact that it sparked a speed war that continues to surprise and stun.

While major ISPs continued to provide internet options with increased speeds, the focus of the speed war was solely on the extension in Kathmandu. CG Net, on the other hand, had been putting in place infrastructure in preparation for service expansion outside the valley. It’s the first time it’s been outside of the valley.

CG Net Expansion Of Services Outside Valley

Customers outside of the valley will be able to use the CG connection at home as a result of the expansion. People all around the country, particularly in big cities, have been waiting for CG Net’s low-cost high-speed plans to arrive. It has now spread to four cities. Hetauda, Nawalpur, Butwal, and Bhairawaha are the cities in concern, with more to come.

CG Net previously only offered a 120 Mbps service but has since expanded to include a 50 Mbps plan for moderate users. This equally exceptional deal costs only Rs.649. Earlier this year, the ISP launched a 15-day free trial program in an attempt to attract new consumers. Subscribers who take advantage of the free trial offer can use CG Net for 15 days before deciding whether or not to install it.

In addition, CG Net has teamed with Airtel to deliver its IPTV service to the market. Airtel IQ Video, a video OTT and IPTV service for Nepali consumers would be launched as a result of the collaboration. The service will be launched soon, according to the company’s plans.

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Finally, CG Net has expanded its service beyond Kathmandu, and the determined ISP appears to be severe in its coverage. In the aftermath of the speed war between competing companies, how do you see CG Net in the existing internet environment in Nepal? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.