Christmas of 2022 is the hope for the restoration of faith that has been stirred in the past year.

Christmas is an annual holiday celebrated on the 25th of December. This day signifies the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a public holiday that is celebrated amongst billions of people worldwide. Initially, Christian people started to emphasize the 25th of December as the most auspicious and joyful day of the year, and soon people around the globe began accepting it as an annual celebration day.


 How did Christmas start?

 Centuries before the birth and recognition of Jesus, Europeans celebrated light and birth in the winter season. The end of the winter was celebrated and the longer and warmer days were looked forward to. The Norse of Scandinavia celebrated Yule from December 21, through January. It would take up to 12 days for them to complete the celebration, where people feast until the log burned out.

 The end of December was the perfect time for celebration in Europe. It was the time of the year where cattle were slaughtered, and, hence there was enough supply of fresh meat. Most wine and beers were fermented and ready for drinking at that time of year. 

 Easter was the main holiday during the early days of Christianity. It was later when church officials decided to institute the birth of Jesus as a holiday. The bible, however, does not mention the date of birth of Jesus, it does hint that it may have occurred in spring. The presence of shepherds during his birth gives a clear view of the time being spring, but Pope Julius I chose December 25.

 By the middle ages, Christian believers attended church, got drunk, went to carnivals. Poor would visit the house of rich and seek their best foods and drinks, upon failing to deliver so they would terrorize them with mischiefs. The concept slowly shifted to the richer ones paying back to society by giving to the poor. Later it went to be a worldwide day of celebration marking generosity, belief, faith, and happiness.


Why is the Christmas celebration so special?

 Christmas, also known as the “Feast day of Christ”, is celebrated every year on 25th December. It was in the fourth century, when people fixed this date as the birth of Jesus, though there is no evidence to ensure the validation of the date, yet people have grown to believe it as “THE DAY”. This day celebrates the incarnation of Jesus Christ, who according to Christian people is the son of God.

People from around the globe come together to rejoice in the presence of something so holy and pure that it formed a historical imprint on mankind. Hence, Christmas is celebrated for the hope for goodness, presence of light, need of the community, belief in miracles- something impossible to validate, yet feels surreal, and to express gratitude for the people and privileges one comes across every day. Christmas 2022 is going to be special as there are hopes that Covid will not hit us backs again.


 Few facts about Christmas:

  • Every year around 35 million Christmas trees are sold in the U.S alone. These trees are grown for about 15 years before they are ready to be sold.
  • During the mid-age of Christianity, Christmas was celebrated in a rowdy and noisy way.
  • Christmas was canceled from 1659 to 1681.
  • On 26th June 1879, Christmas was first declared a national holiday by the U.S
  • Since the 1890s, the army has been sending Santa Clause-clad donation collectors into t   he street. The collected amount is used for the poor people.
  • The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree tradition started in 1931, by the construction workers. 


Santa Claus:

 It’s impossible to think of Christmas and not remember Santa Clause. Santa Claus, known as Saint Nicholas or Kris Kringle is thought of as the jolly man in red who brings joy and gifts to children. His story stretch back to the 3rd century, when Saint Nicholas became the patron saint of children. He saved three poor sisters from being sold into slavery or prostitution by their father and helped them get married. St. Nicholas became the subject of many legends and was admired for his generosity and kindness. He gave away all his wealth and traveled the countryside helping the poor and sick.

 Over the course of time, he was known as the protector of children. In the modern era, many parents tend to discipline their children by his name. There is a popular tale that every year on the night of Christmas, Santa Claus visits people’s houses through chimneys and leaves the gift under the Christmas tree. Only the children who have been good and kind throughout the year are eligible for the gift, and for every bad they do, Santa Clause observes them. Young children believe the tales and try their best to be at their good behavior to come under the good books of Santa Claus.


Ways of greetings during Christmas 2022: 

Christmas is the festival of gratitude and pleasantries. People mingle with their kinship, friends and families, and their surrounding people. It is the day where people let of the grudges they hold against each other and wish for a peaceful future ahead. People look forth to spending this day with the ones they feel happy with. Few spend quality family time, others spend time with people who feel like family to them. 

There are various possible greeting alternatives that you can use during the festive season, with different people in various ways.


The basic greeting that you can convey during Christmas 2022 are:

  1.     Merry Christmas.
  2.     Happy Hanukkah,
  3.     Joyous Kwanzaa
  4.     Happy Holidays. 
  5.     Be merry.
  6.     Seasons Greeting. 
  7.     Celebrate. 

Formal Greetings:

  1.     Warm wishes/ regards.
  2.     May you have a merry and bright day?
  3.     Enjoy the holiday season.
  4.     Wish you merry Christmas and a new year with full joy and peace.
  5.     Light the menorah.

For kin and Friends:

  1.     There is no place like this.
  2.     blessed to have days like this.
  3.     Happy Holidays from ours to yours.
  4.     May the festival season bring more joy and warmth to us/you. 
  5.     Sending our best holiday wishes your way.


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Covid impact on Christmas 2022. 

With the introduction of the Omicron variant, the world has again entered into the risk phase. Many European countries have started to seal the borders and restricted flights from certain nations. Many countries have started to implement the coved restrictions and request the citizens to control less necessary travels and mobility. In such circumstances, it is fair to wonder whether it might affect the Christmas holiday or not.

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his concern regarding the Omicron variant. Since it is discovered that the virus has an easily transmitted ability, so Johnson is all set to make the next possible announcement soon. He has already imposed compulsory mask rules in public places from 10th December. The work-from-home system is encouraged from 13th December and people who are attending large parties or going to large venues must-have vaccine passports. This will be implemented in indoor venues with more than 500 people and outdoor with more than 4000 people.

 The parliament is discussing plan B, if the voting works in favor of it, then the UK might experience six-week restrictions, which will surely affect Christmas. Many nations have been planning to implement the same. Governments have started to request people to stay safe and avoid any unnecessary interaction with people traveling from abroad. The major setback that can happen this Christmas is, people may not be able to travel overseas to meet their loved ones. If we’re looking forward to hosting a huge party this year, that might have to be rethought as well.

Some exciting quotes that can be used in Christmas 2022 card:

  • Christmas brings miracles for those who dare to seek it.
  • With the first Christmas snows, something wonderful begins.
  • Best part about Christmas has to be coming back home.
  • I like Christmas, I like it, even more, when I celebrate it with you.
  • When I first met you, I knew right away I would love to have a Christmas card with our faces together forever.
  • Since Christmas is the monument of hope, so I hope you find everything you have ever looked for right by you.

There are holidays like this that give us the opportunity to bond and mingle with people we value. Do yourself a favor and reach out to loved ones, give life a chance, let go of what has been holding you back and embrace the beauty that life has to offer.  

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