Clear Review is a performance appraisal solution tool, which helps businesses manage, monitor, and evaluate the work of their employees through feedback collection. Clear Review is designed for all kinds of business, varying from middle to large. It provides open and constructive conversations to facilitate communication across team members to improve their performance. Clear Review’s goal is to create a favorable environment that ensures the growth and wellbeing of the employees. This also helps management to provide a space where the employees can work best to their abilities and produce high-quality work.


About Clear Review

Stuart Hearn is the founder and CEO of the Clear Review. Prior to this, he was former HR director at Sony, and head of talent management consultancy. His past experience gave him enough knowledge to evaluate what does work and what doesn’t work in performance management. He then founded a new and simple software and formed a great team, naming it Clear Review.

While working on technology it is necessary to be in line with the prevailing methodologies and the sound knowledge of software itself. The clear review team claims to have a clear review on how to drive performance improvement. 


Core Principles:

  1. Quality Conversations drive performance improvement:

It is proven that any environment that has a framework of coaching style questions, which is regularly monitored and evaluated in aligns with the company has higher chances of performance improvement.

  1. New technology needs to be adopted with simplicity:

Complex and heavily administered systems are beyond the understanding of the customers. Clear Review has the simplest performance platform in the market. It is easy to get along with, helps people remain aligned to the goals, and still manages to maintain the fast pace in the world of work.

  1. Visibility of performance engagement is critical:

The improvement in performance is a continuous process, not the end game. Management needs to know where the performance improvement takes place and where it lacks. Clear Review is all about building a culture of accountability, communication, and transparency.


How to write a good Clear performance Review?

Before we understand how to write a good review, we must know why performance review is about. It is a performance appraisal of an employee’s work in the given time. This helps the manager identify the room for improvement, strengths, work accuracy, work status, and provide the needful insight and guidance. This also works in favor of the employees as it gives them a space to put forth their questions and quarries. Some company has specific time and format for such review, whereas some prefer impromptu meetings for such assessment. Whatever be the reason, such meetings are a fruitful event that needs to be held every once in a while.


Wondering how to write a clear performance review? Well, let’s find the answer to that.

  1. Provide regular and informal feedback:

The performance reviews usually take place once or twice a year that, however, shouldn’t stop one from assessing their work feedback on a shorter period of the time interval.  It is better to let people know in advance what they might find in your review. The moment you submit the review, the information in it should be new to them. As a manager or a supervisor, it is always a wise choice to intervene with your workers every once in a while and provide constructive criticism so that they can immediately work on their performance and not wait till the end of the year.


  1. Be Honest:

As a leader one has to understand that you can’t be diplomatic all the time.  No worker is perfect, and no work surely is perfect. So it is very necessary, to be honest regarding the areas of improvement. This will in return help the workers realize their weaknesses and provide a clearer guideline on what can be done differently for better results. Trying to mask the error in the workplace will only prove one as an incompetent coward, and might make the situation worst with time. Bias Review will not give clear idea on performance and it will impact you mainly.


  1. Do it face to face:

The written review should be brief but should be discussed face-to-face. The meeting can take place in either a formal setting or even an informal setting will do. Outlining any shortcomings and mistakes, how to resolve the arising issues and how to motivate the employee to do better is what should be discussed in this phase.


  1. Use physical examples:

During the meeting use tangible and recent examples to make your point. Give employees something that they have done recently or refer to some recent activity. If you provide a review without any reference or examples that might not mean much to the employees. If you acknowledge their work or their problems it makes them feel you value their work and are attentive toward them.


  1. End on a positive note:

No matter what made you fix the meeting, always end on a good note. The harsh part of the meeting can be discussed somewhere in between the talk. By the time you have given your feedback and suggestions make sure you don’t leave any negative impact on your employee. Encourage them for their better performance and provide them an opportunity to improve on their problems.


  1. Choose your words:

Always remember that the main focus of the clear performance review is to provide meaningful and action-oriented words to the employees for increasing their work performance. You can phrase them about their achievements. Ask them to excel in their communication abilities, encourage them to bring innovative and fresh ideas to the table. Prove a possibility for the improvement of their work and the possibility of personal growth in doing so.

If you apply the above-mentioned tips while writing the clear review you might get the desired result bore you conclude the year with the annual review. If these things are implemented and monitored properly in a certain time interval, then by the time the annual review is prepared all the required rooms for improvements will have already been met.

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What is an Annual Review and how to prepare for one?

I can understand how confusing these corporate terminologies can be, one can hardly understand the company organogram at the end of the year, and there lie additional responsibilities of this review. If we just have a better understanding of what these are and how helpful they are for the growth of the company and for an individual, we might find these less annoying.

Annual Review (Clear Review) is a performance review of an employee. It is an appraisal of an individual’s progress done by both the employee and employer or supervisor, at the end of the year. If you are writing your annual review there is something you might want to consider beforehand which might help you get on the better side.

Before: Annual Review

  1. Schedule a meeting in advance:

Prepare your review beforehand and get well prepared with the right frame of mind. Since this is very important for your journey ahead so make sure you don’t go on rambling while informing about your work throughout the year.

  1. Request a copy of your written evaluation before the meeting:

Try to get your supervisor’s evaluation copy beforehand. If you are aware of what you will be dealing with, that helps you secure a good answer to the problems or shortcomings without sounding too defensive.

  1. Bring examples:

Bring the notes of your achievements, the profit your work brought to the company, talk about the time when your contribution made a significant change for the betterment of the company.

During: Annual Review

  1. Don’t get too defensive:

Sometimes the problems mentioned during the annual performance evaluation might come as shock to you. Always remember the review sessions are for your betterment and for companies. Don’t take things too personally and try and reflect the problems into your answer. If you have a justifiable example to support in your defense, well that is another case.

  1. Have question prepared:

A performance review is a 50-50thing. You have all the rights in the world to make the conversation a two-way thing. If you have any queries or issues that you had wanted to address but failed during the year, now might be your chance to do it.

  1.             Focus on strength instead of weakness:

Everyone has a weakness that is bound to happen. Don’t focus much on your weakness, instead highlight your strengths. Let your supervisors know what your abilities can do for the company. Let them know how you can use your strength to make your work more effective and deliver better deliverables.


After: Annual Clear Performance Review

  1. Create a development plan:

After the completion of the review process, make an action plan on the basis of the feedback you received. The constructive criticism that you got during the review should be put into a better plan to ensure the same won’t be the issue for the next time.

  1. Set your goals:

Now that you have put the issues of the past year behind, have a way forward to what you want to achieve for the upcoming year. While doing so keep the suggestions and feedback from your supervisors in mind to make it more effective and praise-worthy.

If you find there are any tasks or aspects in your work that you have been missing out on, the upcoming year might be the chance to amend that problem. Sort out your priorities, reflect on what next can be done to your performance to yield better deliverables. Schedule the work and pay attention to the subject matter as per its nature. If you are able to do so, you will soon enough catch up on the missing out works and cover them in your day-to-day work.

Now that you have a brief idea about the Clear Review and annual performance review, you might want to buckle up and give it sort. You can always start with your achievements, and mention what stops you from achieving them. If you are an employer that is doing the review, having a proper format with appropriate areas to conclude the work performance might be a good start. 


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