Conference call activation on Ntc /Ncell

Conference call meaning:

The other term for the conference call is audio conferencing which means to engage with multiple callers at the same time. Phone meetings and teleconferencing are also other names for it. It is beneficial, especially when there is no internet connection or you don’t have any apps that support instant messaging. This possesses similarity to today’s day-to-day instant messaging apps such as messenger, Viber, etc. However, the conference call existed before these apps and has its own importance. 


Facilities of the conference call:

Conference calls facilitate connection among 5 people at the same time. This means you can attend family phone meetings or have any discussions of business over the phone. Moreover, you can start the call with a group of your own choice anytime and anywhere you want to. 

In this post, we will discuss the conference call activation in Ncell/Ntc and the process for it.


Requirements for the conference call:

If you have a phone that has any mobile network either 2G, 3G or 4G, then yes, you can make a conference call. You don’t need to have any apps or internet facilities for it.

How can I activate conference calls on Ntc/Ncell?

  • For activation of the call on Ntc:

Consult your nearest telecom office. Place your request for the activation of the feature on your SIM card by filling the form. The SIM card should have a call hold feature as well. Once the activation is successful, you can enjoy conference calls.

  • For activation of the call on Ncell:

Ncell offers the audio conference call by default for their pro plan subscribers. 

How do I make conference calls on the phone?

After the activation is successful, we can now process the call. Follow the listed steps to make a call.

  1. Ring your first contact.
  2. Once the first call is in line, click on the ‘+’ symbol that means ‘Add call’. The first call is placed on hold.
  3. Then, call the second contact either by using recent call logs, contacts, or dial pad.
  4. As soon as the receiver answers, merge the call with another caller.
  5. To merge the call, touch the ‘Merge’ or ‘Merge call’ icon.
  6. Now, you can keep on repeating the same process or just instruct the other person in the call to add on more people. As already said, 5 people can participate at once in a conference call.  

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Charge for the call:

The charge for the conference call is the same as the regular call tariffs by operators. That means you will be charged per minute as per the regular charge. 

To make it more clear, for instance, if X is making a call to Y, Z and B then, X has to bear the charge as he is the initiator of the call. 

But, if the scene is different, i.e. if X calls Y and Y adds Z to the call, Y will be charged as per regular call charge to Z. If Z adds B to the ongoing call, then Z is responsible for charges as per the duration of the call to B.



Conference calling has been a convenient option for places where the internet is still not in reach. For countries like Nepal, Ntc, and Ncell offering it is a great initiation to link people. Also, any quick meeting, the discussion is just a call away without any disturbance at all. 

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