DONALD TRUMP: An insight on his life

75 years old, Donald John Trump, the 45th president of America (From 2017 to 2021), was born on June 14, 1946. Before becoming the president of the United State, Donald Trump was a known personality in Media and a successful Businessman. He took after the real estate business of his father Fred Trump in 1971 and renamed it The Trump Organization. We will find out his few insights on his life and Donald trump’s Net worths here.


Early Life of Donald Trump

Trump was the fourth child of German Immigrant Fred Trump, and Scotland immigrant Mary Anne Macleod Trump. Donald Trump was brought up in Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens along with his older siblings Maryanne, Fred Jr., and Elizabeth, and younger brother Robert. Donald John Trump attended the New York Military Academy at the age of 13, and in the year 1964, at the age of 18, he enrolled at Fordham University. He later graduated with a B.S in economics in 1968 from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he. During the college period, he was deemed fit for the military after the medical examination and in the year 1968, a local draft board classified him eligible to serve in the military. However, in 1972, he was permanently disqualified from the military due to bone spurs.


Donald John Trump Family 

Trump married Czech model Ivana Zelnickova in 1997. They have three children, Donal Jrd Jr (born in 1977), Ivanka (born in 1981), and Eric (born 1984). The marriage, however, didn’t last long, and was granted divorce in 1992. The reason for the separation turned out to be Trump’s affair with actress Maria Maples. In 1993, he and Maples gave birth to Tiffany and got married the same year. The second marriage also didn’t last very long, as the couple separated within 5 years and two years after that they got divorced. Trump remarried in the year 2005, to a Slovenian model Melania Knauss and has a son, Barron (born in 2006).


Donald Trump’s Wife Details

  1. Ivana Trump:

Ivana trump born on February 20, 1949, is a Czech-American businesswoman and formal Modal. She migrated to the US in the 1970s from Canada and got married to Donald Trump. She was in the managerial position in The Trump Organization, and was vice president of interior design, as CEO of Trump’s Castle casino resort, and as manager of the Plaza Hotel. After her divorce from Trump in 1992, she developed her own clothing lines. Fashion jewelry and beauty products were sold on QVC London and the Home shopping Network.


  1. Maria Maples:

Maria Ann Maples born on 27th October 1963 is an American Actress and the second wife of Donald Trump. She made a special appearance in the hit TV series Designing Women and WWF WrestleMania IV.  She later joined the cast of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical The Will Rogers Follies in May 1991.


  1. Malania Knauss:

Melania Knauss born on 26th April 1970 is a Slovene-American former model and businesswoman. Knauss served as the first lady of the United States from 2017-2021, as the wife of then-president Donald Trump. She worked as a fashion model in the European fashion capitals of Milan and Paris before moving to NY. She got married to Trump in 2005 and had a son named Barron in 2006. Malania is the 2nd naturalized woman to become the first lady, after Louisa Adams, and the first non-native English speaker to become the first lady.


A wealth of Donald Trump or Donald Trump Networth

Donald Trump was listed on the initial Forbes list of wealthy individuals with a share estimated at $200 Million net worth in 1982. He suffered from financial loss in the 1980s due to various controversies and professional reasons which caused him to drop from the list between 1990 and 1995. In July of 2015, he publicly announced a net worth of about $10 billion after filling mandatory financial disclosure forms with the Federal election Commission (FEC). The record release by FEC showed $1.4 billion in assets and $265 million in liabilities. In 2015, Forbes estimated Trump’s net worth to be $4.5 billion and &3.1 billion in 2018. He was announced to be one of the wealthiest officeholders in American History by Forbes in 2021 billionaires ranking with a net worth at $2.4.


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Business career of Donald Trump

After graduating in 1968, Trump worked at his father’s real estate company which managed middle-class rental housing in New York. In 1972, he became the president of his father’s company and renamed it the Trump Organization which was registered as a corporation in 1981. 


  • Manhattan Developments:

Trump was the center of people’s attention when he launched his family’s first Manhattan venture, Commodore Hotel. The hotel reopened in 1980 as the Grand Hyatt Hotel, that very year he obtained rights to develop Trump Tower, a mixed-use skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan. In 1988, he withdrew a loan of $425 million from a consortium of banks and acquired the Plaza Hotel. He lost that hotel to citizen banks and investors from Singapore and Saudi Arabia, who assumed #300 million of the debt. Later in 1996, he acquired the vacant 71-story Skyscraper at 40 Wall Street.


  • Mar-a-Lago:

In 1985, trump acquired the Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, and later in 1995 he converted it into a private club with an initiation fee and annual dues. Since 2019, it has been his primary residence.


  • Atlanta City Casinos:

In 1982, Trump opened Harrah’s at Trump Plaza, a hotel and casino in Atlantic City. This project received financial and managerial services from Holiday Corporation. Since the financial situation of the property got worsened there arose a dispute between the two partners and later in 1986, Trump paid & 70 Million to Holiday and became the sole owner of the property.


  • Golf Courses:

Trump began acquiring and constructing golf courses in 1999. His organization owned 11 golf courses and resorts worldwide and managed another four as of July 2020. Donald Trump Networth portfolio is based on his real estate wealth as well.


Branding and licensing:

The Trump name has been licensed for various products and services. There were around 50 licensing deals involving Trump’s name which have generated an estimated $59 Million. However, by 2018, only 2 consumer goods companies continued to license his name. This also added value to Donald Trump Net worth.


Presidential Campaign of Donald Trump

In the year 20000, Donald Trump ran in the California and Michigan primaries for the nomination as the reform party candidacy for the 2000 United States presidential election but withdrew soon enough. That was the hint for the future target for the presidency nominations. In 2011, he made a rumor about running against President Obama in the election of 2021 but again announced that he would not do so. 2016 presidential Campaign

Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, which as per his past announcement was not considered serious. This time he made no withdrawals and rose to the top. He became the front-runner in March of 2016. Trump was against Hillary Clinton during his final presidential debate. They had three presidential debates in September and October of 2016. He appointed Indiana governor Mike Pence as his presidential running mate. There were various controversies during his election period. Los Angeles time even went ahead and wrote, “Never in modern presidential politics has a major candidate made a false statement as routinely as Trump has.” It was said that his campaign statements were false and opaque. Since Trump had a good reach with the media it came in handy during the media coverage.


Trump’s Campaign Idea

Donald Trump’s campaign platform emphasized renegotiating US-China relations and trade-free agreements such as NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, enforcing immigration laws, and building new walls along the US and Mexico border.

There were various organizations and many people who retaliated against Trump’s campaign ideas as they were against the benefits of multiculturalism and immigration. On the other hand, many people said the main reason why they voted for Trump was because of his unique idea to “Take our country back”.

There were times where the trumps supporters had to face verbal abuse or even physical violence. The event took a major turn in June of 2016, where an attempt was made to assassinate Trump. A British national and perpetrator were sentenced to a year to prison after he confessed that he drove from California to Las Vegas with a plan to kill Trump. There were times when the protestors attempted to enter the venue to engage in activities outside the campaign area to cause disruption in Trump’s path.

On 8th November 2016, Trump received 306 pledged electoral votes and Clinton received 232 votes. The official valid vote count was 304 and 227 respectively. Trump had received 2.9 million fewer popular votes making him the fifth person to be elected president while losing the popular vote.

Although, Trump won 30 states yet his victory was a political upset. His victory marked the return of undivided republic government- a republic white house combined with Republic control of both chambers of congress.


Protests against trump:

After the inauguration of  Donald Trump as the President of the United State of America, various protests occurred in the Us, Europe, and other countries. The protestors expressed their dissatisfaction with Trump’s selection, his campaigns. His past mishaps and histories related to sexual misconduct and his aggressive family separation policy everything was highlighted by the protestors.

Many people conducted petitions to dethrone Trump, business closures, rallies, and demonstrations. Despite the peaceful protest from the protestors, actionable conducts such as vandalism and assaults occurred to Trump supporters. The largest organized protest against trump happened on January 21, 2017m, where millions protested against him, making it the largest single-day protest in the history of the United States of America. 

Trump’s presidency period was full of various controversies and it’s only fair to say that most people termed it as the worst presidency period in the history of the US. Despite everything Trump successfully covered his tenure, but lost to Joe Biden during the election of 2021.


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