Dragon Chain

Dragon chain is a platform that allows you to build a blockchain application. With the help of this platform, you can build a flexible and scalable application. It is developer-friendly and helps to serve your business. Dragon chain even acts as a catalyst for many other such platforms. If you are looking for information regarding the Dragon chain, you have come to the right place.


History of Dragon chain

The founder of the Dragon chain is Joe Roberts. He currently also works as the CEO for the dragon cryptocurrency platform. With experience of over 20 years, he is successful in running this platform. It was founded in the year 2017 based in Washington. However, the Dragon chain was initially developed at Disney’s Seattle office. It was developed there under the name ” Disney Private blockchain platform. This was during 2015-16, but since 2016 it is managed by Dragonchain foundation. 


Is Dragon chain a cryptocurrency?

Many people are confused about whether the Dragon chain is crypto or not. Dragon chain however is a platform that allows the creation of blockchain applications. But, you can buy the token of Dragonchain called “DRGN”. It is built on the Ethereum platform under the E-20 standards. This allows you to easily trade with cryptos of your choice. 


Price of DRGN:

The current price of the DRGN is $0.07458 USD. It is also equivalent to 0.000001605 BTC This is after a hike of 2.39% from its recent price. However, it is around 91% low from it’s all-time high price. It had the highest price of 5.1109 on 2018 January 9. It had the lowest price of 0.2188 USD on 10th April 2020. According to the coinmarketcap, it ranks in the 756th position. 


How is the Dragon chain unique? 

Dragon chain has tried to provide a unique hybrid blockchain solution. This allows both private and public blockchains to coexist and operate together. It also eventually aims to support almost all modern programming languages. Besides that, it also works to provide an environment for growing startups. Great data transparency is also something people have loved about this platform.


How does Dragon Chain work?

The Dragon chain ecosystem constitutes three major parts. They are:


  1. The Dragonchain platform
  2. Crowd-scaled incubator
  3. The DragonChain marketplace.


The Dragon chain platform:

This platform is mainly responsible for storing data of both businesses and clients. It provides security and allows developers to create and store smart contracts. The developers can create it by using common programming languages. 


Crowd-scaled incubator:

This is a place where companies can create blockchain projects, using standardized projects. The crowd-scaled feature provides a major benefit to the businesses. Applications are currently open for businesses looking forward to operating digitally. 


Dragon chain marketplace:

The Marketplace is a support system for the client companies. Through this, they can explore a variety of topics and gain verified expert information. Users can also access pre-developed smart contracts through this.


These three ecosystems work together to create the entire Dragon chain ecosystem. The Dragon coin is used to credit each service component. 


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Best features of Dragon chain:



Not most of the blockchain platforms offer data transparency. This is due to the risk of invading the buyer and seller’s privacy. But, the Dragon chain works in such a way, that it has perfectly balanced both. This allows the user to see how the coins have been used. However, this does not affect the privacy provided. 


Ownership of your data:

Owning your own data is important to ensure data privacy. Many of our information is with many companies, both with or without our knowledge. With the help of these blockchains, you can get back those ownerships. However, users can allow third parties to use the information.



Decentralization is very important to prevent fraud and double-spending. This also stops government to cause any kind of inflation. It also works in eliminating the middleman saving the cost. It does not require any kind of banking apps for transactions.


In conclusion, the Dragon chain might be a good place to invest in the long term. If you are a business thinking of operating in the global market digitally, it might be a great place. You can get maximum benefit to get your companies worth. 


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