Egoh: A community-oriented token

Egoh is a community-oriented currency. This crypto works on the understanding that we all are developers. It is decentralized finance known as Defi on Binance smart chain. All of the community members on Egoh can use the band as they wish. If you are looking for information regarding Egoh, you have come to the right place.


Price of Egoh

The current price of Egoh is 0.000020 USD, which is 5.19% down. It has a trading volume of 26,296.17 USD. On 29th November 2021, it reached the highest price. The price was around 0.000074 USD. The lowest price was on December 15, 2021. The price was around 0.000014 USD. It currently ranks in the 5592nd position as per coinmarketcap. Its price is also equivalent to 0.000000000462 Bitcoin.



History of Egoh

Many people are more familiar with the Hoge platform. This was also developed by several developers in the Hoge platform. It was released on November 24, 2021. This token was developed in order to enhance the already existing Hoge platform. It has helped Hoge in several ways by creating an environment of innovation. Although built to leverage the Hoge, it has many more plans beyond that. The builders of Egoh have been approaching to partner with many other coins.




Download MetaMask Wallet

Metamask is a crypto wallet it can be used to store coins and tokens digitally. Although there are many other similar wallets, this supports almost all coins. This wallet can be found both as an app and a website. After you have installed metamask use it to create an account. You can create it by using the account settings tab in Metamask wallet settings. Now, locate the Networks menu, click on add custom RPC. After which you can add Binance Smart Chain Network to this wallet. Wallet only does not allow you to buy EGOH but it helps you to hold and provide information on performance.


Buy some BNB tokens:

First of all, buy a BNB coin, you can use any desired exchanges. You can also use Binance, KuCoin, etc. After buying it Withdraw/Transfer the BNB to your Metamask wallet. Now, Select Binance Smart Chain as the transfer network. Now, Go to PancakeSwap and Connect your wallet. The “From” section will be your BNB and Select the amount you want to buy. After that you can buy EGOH which we discuss in next step.



Input BNB at the top and EGOH at the bottom. After you have done this, click SWAP at the bottom. Approve the transaction in the wallet and wait for it to confirm. Once it is confirmed your transaction is completed. After this, you can store it in your wallet.

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How is Tax used? 

  1. 5% rewards Tax, this tax incurred on every transaction will redistribute Hoge to all holders.
  2. The 2% Tax incurred will go towards the marketing.
  3. The 2% of tax will go towards the liquidity pool. This will help to strengthen the coin and provide stability.
  4. The rest 1% of the Tax will be used to burn.


Egoh token is new and hasn’t gained a huge market. This however does not signify any kind of con to investing in it. Although the prices are predicted to go up by 2025 there is only a little chance. This coin does have a plan to meet up with poocoin and provide additional benefits. But current the supply, asset calculated, and compared is quite less. Investors might not get huge profits from the transaction due to the low rate.


So, you might not earn millions of dollars as traders. But, you can gain experience through it as a beginner. Since its cost is very low it might be a good place to start. Hope you find good insight on the EGOH community-oriented token.


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