For the First Time in Years, Import of mobile phones Drop by Half

The import of mobile phones in Nepal has slowed for the first time in years. Since the COVID-19 lockdowns a few years ago, the quantity of phones delivered to Nepal has constantly increased. However, as the most recent custom depart has proven, current data shows otherwise.

import of mobile phones in Nepal

According to the survey, mobile phone imports in Falgun have experienced a unique and significant drop. According to the records, Nepal received 2 lakh, 54 thousand, and 185 mobile phones valued at around 2.60 billion rupees. The Nepalese government was able to collect nearly 4.9 billion dollars as a result of this.

However, when compared to the previous month’s figures, this number is shockingly low, falling by nearly half. 4 lakh, 49 thousand, and 370 phones were imported into Nepal in Magh. This amounted to 2.75 billion rupees in total.

However, there is one point that we must not overlook

Although there is a significant difference in the number of phones sold between the two months, the amount spent on phones is nearly comparable. Importing mobile phones cost Nepali traders a total of 2.75 billion Nepali rupees in Magh. In total, this amounts to just over 15 crores.

How do you make sense of this jumbled data? One obvious assumption is that demand for phones in the top mid-range and premium tiers is increasing. 5G phones are becoming more popular, however, they are only available in higher-priced mid-range models. While the recently launched mobile phones may have also played a role in a large amount of money spent on phones despite the fact that only a small number of units entered the nation.

But this is only a guess, and we’re not making any claims just yet.

Data of mobile phone imports from Falgun 078/79

Nepal has imported 42 lakh, 59 thousand, and 989 units of mobile phones worth around 31 billion so far in FY 078/79, according to the customs department.

Meanwhile, China continues to be the source of the majority of mobile phones entering the country. A total of 32 lakh, 69 thousand, and 452 mobile phones arrived in Falgun from China. The total amount for them stood at 18.23 billion rupees.
India continues to be another major source for imports of mobile phones in Nepal. In Falgun, India shipped 8 lakh, 7 thousand, and 884 handsets valued at 11.34 billion rupees.

Is the Market Becoming More Stable?

When COVID-19 limits were implemented, mobile phones and the internet became the primary means of communication. Smart devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. It met the demands of virtual classes, work-from-home, business meetings, entertainment, and social media use, among other things. Despite the limits, it allowed life to continue.

And it’s likely that most people who had been debating whether or not to acquire a phone did so during the lockdown. For a few more years, the same people will not require more phones. According to statistics, the decline in import of mobile phones in Falgun is to blame for this argument. However, we’ll have to wait for further reports in the following months to see if the phone industry has truly stabilized or if this was just a one-off month in terms of volume.

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Imports of mobile phones fell sharply in Falgun, but it’s unclear how this will play out in the coming month. Why do you believe that mobile imports hit a new low last month? Please explain your reasoning in the comments section below.

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