Change of Free Fire server to Bangladesh for Nepalese players

Free Fire is a popular game among teenagers. The game, developed by Garena, became extremely popular due to its ability to run on even the most basic cellphones. It was also the top downloaded game on Google Playstore, despite being smaller than PUBG mobile. Garena recently decided to relocate the Free Fire Server for Nepalese users to Bangladesh. Learn more about it in the sections below.


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Server change of Free Fire

The popular BR game maintained a server in India for Nepalese players from its introduction. Ping improved due to the closer location, with an average of only 50ms. In the past, PUBG had an average ping of 100ms with an Indonesian server dedicated to Nepal.

Freefire, along with a few other Chinese apps, was purportedly blocked by the Indian government not long ago. As a result, the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore withdrew the game. Players could, however, continue to play the game.

The developers have now delivered an in-game message to Nepalese players informing them of the move of the Free Fire server to Bangladesh. This is due to the Indian government’s ambivalence about re-banning the game. As a result, eSports players may benefit from this server change for Nepalese gamers. Free Fire users, like those who play PUBG Mobile, have been wishing for a dedicated Nepal server for quite some time. In terms of proximity to the site, the Bangladesh server should operate just as well as the Indian server.

The ping latency should be quite consistent. In addition, the elite pass and weapon skins will be unaffected. In addition, due to the home server and larger number of players, Indian teams dominated the eSports arena over Nepalese teams. Nepalese teams might now compete more effectively on Bangladeshi servers. Free Fire has also been rewarding players with festive in-game prizes. With the server update, there’s a chance of earning Nepalese festival prizes as well. However, it may have an impact on matchmaking. When compared to India, Bangladesh has a smaller number of players. In India, another version of the game, Free Fire Max, is still available for download.

Know about Free Fire

In December 2017,  the Free Fire release took place. 111dots Studio created the game, while Garena, a Singapore-based publisher, published it. For the Southeast Asian market, Garena also publishes Call of Duty Mobile. Within a year of its release, Freefire’s popularity soared, with thousands of players downloading the game. The Unity engine powers the game.

Free Fire was named “Best Popular Vote Game” in the 2019 Google Play yearly list of “Best Apps of the Year.” The vast majority of the participants are under the age of sixteen. Even though the game can be played on an Android phone with a quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM, the game’s popularity is limited to children.

Bermuda was the only Battle Royale map available at first. And the game was just about 400MB in size. Then, as time went on, Freefire added new modes like Team Death Match, Fatal Fate, Gun King, Bomb Squad, and Kalahari and Purgatory, as well as new areas like Kalahari and Purgatory. In terms of eSports tournaments, the game hosted a number of events in India, each with a sizable prize pool.

Free Fire, PUBG mobile, and CODM have all hosted eSports events in response to the growing growth of mobile gaming. PUBG mobile teams made a name for themselves at the world competition in Nepal. Freefire teams are also on the rise, while CODM teams remain in the background. However, with the release of Warzone Mobile, things may change for COD enthusiasts.


So, what are your thoughts on the Nepalese players’ Free Fire server being moved to Bangladesh? Do you enjoy the game Free Fire? What is your favorite Battle Royale game? Please share your opinions in the section below.


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