Hamrobazar (Complete Overview on Hamrobazaar.com 2022)

Nepal’s leading online classified marketplace for brand new and second-hand products, Hamrobazar(hamrobazzar.com) was founded in 2005 by Prabal Saakha. Since its launch, Hamrobazar has had a strong presence in the Nepalese online marketplace. Providing a platform to buy and sell brand-new and used products might be the reason behind the company’s success. The now MNS (Movers and Shakers Investments) acquired company has made a tremendous change in the way of the company, from its layout change to management. Today we take a brief look at the history of the company and how it managed to reach such heights and what are the plans of MNS holdings to maintain its strong presence or furthermore, make it even bigger.

Coming from a prominent business family, Prabal Saakha started Hamrobazar, after graduating from Webster University in Bangkok, with the help of his cousins Pranaya and Pranav. The reason for the startup was that when trying to sell his used mobile he wasn’t able to find any willing buyers so to fulfill this niche, the idea of Hamrobazar (hamrobazaar.com) came. Mr. Saakha had his hands dipped in the automobile industry as well, selling hummers and Chinese vehicles through Saakha and Universal Automobiles. Started from the bedroom, hamrobazaar.com is a self-sustained company with its revenue generated solely from advertisements.


Hamrobazar First Revenue

For up to 4 years Hamrobazar was not able to generate any revenue, but with the rise in the trend of mobile phones and electronic gadgets, the website started to gain some traffic and slowly hamrobazaar.com became the go-to place for Nepalese people to buy and sell mobile phones, electronics, automobile, and real estate. Hamrobazar is a listing site, which does the job of connecting potential buyers with sellers, hence it relies on google ads and vendor ads. According to owler.com, the estimated annual revenue of hamrobazaar.com is five million USD or around fifty lakh NRS. The company run by 30 or so employees has played a vital role in the country’s economy.

How to be a seller or Buyer at Hamrobazar(hamrobazaar.com)

It’s really easy to be a buyer you don’t even need to be a member, but to be a seller you must create an account and log in to list your products. Here’s how you can be a seller at hamrobazaar.com

  • Got to www.hamrobazaar.com
  • Click on the login button
  • Then click on the sign-up button

Hamrobazar Account- Hamrobazaar.com

  • Then provide your name and number
  • Set a password
  • You’ll receive an OTP to verify your numberAnd you’re done.

FAQ (hamrobazaar.com)

 1. What is Hamrobazar?

: Hamrobazar is a listing site that connects buyers and sellers, you list your products, and users who are looking for the said product will contact you, to make a deal.


2. Is it possible to make money with Hamrobazar without doing any work at all?

: Yes, but you need to list the products that can attract buyers and you’ll need to communicate if you want the product to sell


3. Does Hamrobazar really work?

: Yes, being one of the largest online classified marketplaces with the highest traffic, Hamrobazaar.com can help you sell your products faster and with much ease.


4. How does hamrobazaar.com actually generate revenue

: Hamrobazar generates revenue purely from vendor ads and google ads. The site does not partake in commission, meaning it will not take a cut for connecting potential buyers and sellers.


5. Is Hamrobazar Safe?

: Yes, A seller must create an account with registered mail and a verified number therefore any sort of scam and fraud can be caught easily if done so.




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