Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal

There are countless opportunities in Nepal, but everyone is entirely focused on the highest-paying jobs in Nepal. Nepal is one of the world’s countries with the highest number of young people. The country has always been open to opportunities, speculation, and offers from foreign countries. Local development and local company creation are now two main initiatives of the Nepal Government to provide an alternative to the growing number of transients fleeing for reasons unknown.

Nepal is gradually establishing itself as a fast-growing world-class economy. Employment growth has increased in recent years. International organizations are looking for low-cost, skilled labour in Nepal, while the country’s wage rates are regularly rising. What are the highest-paying jobs in Nepal? Which jobs in Nepal pay the highest salary? Let’s look at the highest-paying jobs in Nepal, listed in order.


A surgeon is a doctor who specializes in surgery, and becoming one requires extensive training and experience. Surgeons make various amounts of money depending on their speciality. Surgeons is a difficult job because other people’s lives are dependent on their abilities. A surgeon must have eight years of experience and a medical degree. As a result, they have one of the highest-paying jobs in Nepal.

Jobs in Nepal

Cardiac surgeons, dental surgeons, neurologists, colon and rectal surgeons, and other specialities can be found in Nepal. Surgeons, for example, are the highest-paid medical professionals because they require extensive knowledge and are also high risk due to the critical nature of their work. The average income for a surgeon or doctor ranges from Nrs 145000 to Nrs 375000.


Judges are placed 2nd, and they are one of the highest-paying jobs in Nepal. They make a lot of money since they have so many responsibilities. Choosing people’s fates is challenging, and the high pay is entirely warranted. Because of the tremendous responsibility of their job, judges are paid well. Choosing people’s futures is complex, and the hefty reward is fully justified. Judges may work evenings and weekends.

jobs in nepal

Furthermore, they should be accessible at all times if a court order or control request is required. In courts, judges apply the law to legal disputes and oversee the legal cycle. They also address administrative issues and promote cooperation between opposing parties. The average income for Judges ranges from Nrs 121000 to Nrs 400000.


Lawyers are placed 3rd, and they are one of the highest-paying jobs in Nepal. Lawyers’ high value in their client’s eyes is the primary reason for their high pay. A good lawyer can help you in saving/earning a lot of money or even saving your life. A lawyer has a few responsibilities in addition to the mandatory court appearance.

jobs in Nepal

Investigating data, authoring archives, interfering in disputes, and advising customers on their legal rights are only a few of the responsibilities of relying on the zone of law. A legal advisor is authorized to provide legal advice and whose goal is to uphold the law while also protecting their clients’ rights. The average income for Judges ranges from Nrs 98000 to Nrs 325000.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

Another job on our list of Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal is that of a company’s CEO. A candidate for CEO of a company must have a Master’s degree in a related field and at least ten years of professional experience. CEOs are responsible for developing a high-pressure business plan, creating and directing a team of executives and managers, and allocating resources.

jobs in nepal

The job of the CEO is at the top of the professional ladder and remains one of the most desired in the business world. Consequently, this position carries a great deal of weight and prestige. The CEO’s large salary is explained by the duties and dangers involved in the business and the influence they have on the organization. The average income for Judges ranges from Nrs 90000 to Nrs 285000.


Orthodontists work in an industry where people are willing to pay a high price for a service, making them among the highest-paying jobs in Nepal. Dentists and orthodontists are professionals that spend a large amount of their time on oral health care. General dental specialists are trained to examine and treat your gums, teeth, tongue, and mouth problems.

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Orthodontists have similar schooling, but they also receive additional training to gain experience detecting and treating misalignments of the teeth and jaws. As a result, orthodontists in Nepal earn between Nrs 80000  to Nrs 255,000.


Professors at colleges and universities are among the highest paid jobs in Nepal and the most decent jobs. However, being a professor is not simple and involves a lot of effort, so college professors earn so much money. They also manage research and publish academic papers and books. They work in public and private schools, colleges, universities, professional schools, junior or junior colleges, and profession and professional schools.

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Professors are knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects and fields. Some display academic subjects such as English or theory. The average income for professors ranges from Nrs 70000 to Nrs 225000.

Chartered Accountant (CA):

Chartered Accountants (CA) are one of the highest-paying jobs in Nepal. It is another well-paid profession in Nepal. They are in charge of business and accounting. To become a CA, you must study and prepare intensively. There are three key areas where you might further your career after becoming a CA.

jobs in Nepal

First, you can work in Auditing and Assurance Services, and a standard CA function. You could also look for work in the industry. Finally, you can also create your own business, which has been highly popular recently. The average income for Chartered Accountants (CA) ranges from Nrs 40000 to Nrs 108000.

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