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Our work: Hospital ERP

In a competitive healthcare sector, hospitals have to focus on their processes in order to deliver high-quality care while at the same time reducing costs. Many hospitals have decided to adopt one or another Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to improve their businesses, but implementing an ERP system can be a demanding endeavour. The systems are so difficult to implement that some are successful; many have failed, causing multimillion dollar losses. This knowledge will provide valuable insights for the researchers and practitioners to understand the different process workflows and to make informed decisions when implementing ERP in any hospital. Technology Used: ASP.NET, MSSQL

This consist of various modules, which are

Pre-Registration Module: 
This module enables online registration for an appointment with the doctors for those who are seeking service. This is a smart module which enables to select or choose appropriate time of date and gives facility to get confirmation. So, user and hospital both can save their time.

Patient Registration:
The module can produce a ‘patient-identity-card’ for new patient and gives facility to create different level of membership of Hospital. This module allows hospital to set-up facilities or discount offers for the members. This module facilitates hospital to track previous records of same patient/client. 
Patient Billing: 
This module can produce bill for every services. This module can track accounts and can produce all reports including bills and services taken. The module works separately and also can be included with the accounting system.
 In-Patient Ward
The module can update and monitor inpatient’s medical records. This module forward requests for tests and medicines for patient. This module can show different charts and reports of diagnosis. The module is able to keep track of all medication records and services taken. This module gives facility to hospital on keeping records of progress of the patient. So, this module allows hospital to go for paperless hospital.
Patient Admission & Discharge:
The module gives facility to save and track all records of patient from admission to discharge. The module can keep history of the patient. The module gives facility for hospital to print discharge review report. This module gives facility for hospital to send discharge review report to the patient through email. This module also facilitates hospital to share the history of patient with other hospital or with concerned government agency. Talking about the security, this module share the data in encrypted form so the data theft is not possible and only with secured id and password, the date will be decrypted.

This module is able to keep records of test of patients. This module is able to  print all documents like lab reports, historical records of patient's test reports. This module is able to forward lab test reports to the concern departments and to the client's email.
This module is able to keep records of medicines. Hospital can list all the medicines required. Hospital can make purchase order for the medicines and to keep records of bill items. This module is able to notify list of low stock inventory. This module is able to keep record of all sells on cash or credit. This module sends notification to the discharge department regarding credit bill of patient. Hospital can manage central stock of medicines and distribute the medicine to the internal department, wards and pharmacy.


 Human Resource Management:
This module is able to keep records of personnel information consisting of details of all staff and employees. This module is able to keep general information of all employees of Hospital. This module allows to keep maintain duty hours, leave application, leave approvals, reports of absentees, retirement details, education details, training details etc. This module facilitates hospital to keep and track records of human resources management.
This module keeps records of all income and expenditure of Hospital. This module be able to generate all kind of financial reports i.e. Ledger, Trail Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, account receivable and payable etc. Apart from this, this module facilitates hospital to set the budget for fiscal year, so the management can track and plan for all financial activities. This module facilitates hospital to maintain fixed assets. 
   Inventory Management
This module   keeps records of stock and mechanism to monitor stock level for all stored items. It is able to send and receive demand of required items forwarding by user as work flow and will be approved. This module is able to create purchase order and to keep records of bill items and is able to notify list of low stock inventory.
  Management Information System

This module covers entire managerial task within hospital which is directly concerned with hospital management which covers  analytical reports of patient registration, registration of services, admission, operation, purchase and distribution of medicine, discharge etc and so it is able to provide critical reports for the management to take quick decision.


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