How to Get NTC data and Voice Packs in Namaste Pay?

You can now use Namaste Pay to subscribe to NTC data and voice packs. Users can pay and purchase packs using the balance in their mobile wallet while on the move.

ntc data and ntc voice pack on Namaste Pay
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In the near future, Namaste Pay users will also be able to take advantage of enticing offers on data and voice packs.
Namaste Pay, a new mobile wallet service in Nepal, is the brainchild of Nepal Digital Payments Company Ltd. (NDPC). Also, It is a joint venture between Nepal Telecom (NTC) and Rashtriya Banijya Bank, the country’s two main telecom operators (RBB). Meanwhile, Namaste Pay, although being a new firm, continues to have the greatest paid-up capital, with 400 million dollars.

Namaste Pay offers unique and innovative services that are not currently available from other service providers. Moreover, Users of this digital wallet can use USSD to access bank and financial services without needing a smartphone or internet connection. NDPC’s mission is to make digital payment services more accessible in Nepal’s remote districts. The firm intends to encourage financial inclusion in the country.

How do I use Namaste Pay to purchase Ntc data and voice packs?

  • To begin, open the Namaste Pay app.
  • Select ‘Data pack’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Click ‘Next’ after entering your phone number.
  • Select any data or voice package that suits your needs by tapping on ‘Browse plans.’
  • Then press the ‘Next’ button.
  • The app will then display the word ‘Pay.’ Confirm your subscription by clicking on it.
  • Following that, the pack you selected is activated on your phone.

For a cashless community and financial inclusion

Namaste Pay, meanwhile, aspires to make a substantial contribution to the development of a cashless society. In addition, the organization hopes to supply remote locations with simple and secure electronic payment services. It hopes that by doing so, it will be able to deliver banking and financial services to locations where they were previously unavailable.
Namaste Pay just formed a deal and integrated Smart QR to provide users with a variety of payment options. This partnership, according to the corporation, will be a watershed moment in its quest to achieve its aim of accessible digital access.

Have you used the Namaste Pay app yet? What are your thoughts on Namaste Pay being able to purchase Ntc data and voice packs? In the comments section below, you can tell us about your experience with it.

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