Hyperfund is an online crowdfunding marketplace where investors can learn about and invest in startups and growing businesses, and entrepreneurs may present their ideas to millions of people. In addition, they assist with rewards and security-based business crowdfunding. Hyperfund was renamed “Hyperverse” in December 2021. A commitment to pay 300% Roi to Hyper Fund Investor.


Hyperfund is a trademark and the business name of Hyperfund, Inc., a Washington State C Corporation. HyperFund claims to have built a Defi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem with several decentralized service platforms and blockchain technology for digital currency consumers. Affiliates that recruit new users and place them at the top of a uni-level team are rewarded referral commissions.

Who is a HyperFund Investor?

Ryan Xu founded the HyperTech Group in 2014. Although Xu’s website portrays him as a successful blockchain investor and entrepreneur, online material says differently, with other failed cryptocurrency launches appearing in search results.

Before Hyperverse, the group created HyperCapital to revive the failed coin ‘HCash.’ HyperCapital was similar to HyperFund in terms of business ideals, but it was later abandoned, with no website.

Hyperfund/hyperverse Plans

Collecting specific cryptocurrencies is more complex than others. One of them is HyperVerse. Unfortunately, it is not supported by the Coinbase app or the Coinbase Wallet. But don’t worry; we’ve provided some suggestions to help you locate a HyperVerse purchase option that works for you.


  • Hyper Unit (HU). 1HU=1USDT0USD/USDC
  • Can Purchase Multiples of any packages.
  • Daily Reward get returns 30, upto 1334 days= 400% then renew.
  • Compound Reward: After the duration, renew.

1) Community Reward Daily.

  • The Number of Direct Referrals gets up to the same level.
  • This Reward will get up to 1334

2) V1P Reward Daily.

  • This Reward is counted except for the bigger leg.
  • This Reward will get up to 1334
  • Get Reward between levels.

3) Global Reward Monthly.

  • Global turnover will distributor rank wise 2 Star 50%, 3 Star 25, 4 Star 12.5%, 5 Star 12.5%
  • This Reward will get till up package is Active.

4) Wallet Management.

  • Deposit USDT ITRC20, BEP20, or ERC20)
  • Finance for withdrawal in MOF coin minimum 50 HU Daily withdrawal
  • Exchange Bit…, OKX, HOO, B.W.com 8 Trust wallet.
  • Reward gets daily reward & all promotional bonus user for Rebut’ min. Rebut’ 125
  • Offset user 50% for Activation.
  • Certifier! 20% of Promotion bonus use IPO 8 Hyper Ecosystem (Hyper mall, Hyper Mining )

Is It Safe to Invest?

Here are some of the main reasons we believe Hyperfund is a risky investment.

The developers allegedly promised a 300% return on investment if you bought the token. The return on investment (ROI) is a measure for evaluating the performance of a crypto investment or a portfolio of crypto assets. Because of the increased profits, it attracted a lot of young investors. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency is nicknamed “Ponzi” since its website is no longer operational or functional, making it difficult to learn more about it. Hyperfund does not sell any items or services, so affiliates can only promote the affiliate membership. There are no evaluations available for the various service platforms under their “hyperverse,” and they do not appear to be operational.

On TrustPilot, there is a lot of bad feedback exposing the company as a scam. However, the majority of the favorable reviews appear to be fake, and most refer to a set seeking to advertise HyperFund for personal benefit.

When you search for “Hyperfund” on Google, the first two results are “Hyperfund review” and “Hyperfund fraud,” which are based on popular, trending, and previous queries.

Nepal is setting together a special task team to keep an eye on the HyperFund transactions.

The government is organizing a special task team in response to concerns that some people in Nepal allegedly involved in illicit Hyper Fund and other cryptocurrency transactions. Networking companies have scammed many Nepalese. Public investment, on the other hand, has not yet increased. A new hyper fund of the same type has emerged. Since December, it has been renamed “Hyperverse.” The average person is investing in “hyper verses” without realizing it. Experts believe that excessive investment in this fund has contributed to the country’s economic crisis.

The task group was proposed by Finance Minister Janardan Sharma, who claimed that the transactions had a significant impact on revenue collection and remittance inflow. They have agreed to form a task force that would include the central bank, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, the Department of Revenue Investigation, all security agencies, and relevant Ministry of Finance bodies. According to ministry officials, discussions are underway to establish who will lead the task force against cryptocurrency transactions and who else will be participating.

How can you avoid being a victim of a HyperFund scam?

It contains information on companies and individuals who have been subject to our regulation. HyperVerse is working hard to create a self-contained platform that allows users to trade, play, and socialize. Its users run the forum in a decentralized ecosystem.

The amount of money you invest, the firm’s service, and the firm’s permits would decide your access to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and FSCS protection if you hired an authorized or registered firm.

Note: The Nepalese government has declared hyperfund investing unlawful.

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