IC15: India’s First Cryptocurrencies Index

IC15 is India’s first Cryptocurrencies Index is launched by Mumbai-based Financial Content provider company TickerPlant via CryptoWire App. CryptoWire is the product of TickerPlant and is one of the global crypto apps. As per some reports, India has more than 100 million Cryptocurrencies owners and they have invested more than 10billion USD combined.

Indian government with its bill and the RBI has put lots of limitations and pressure on crypto. There was various news coming at the end of 2021, that the crypto will be banned in India as well.  IC 15 Crypto index will raise hope for the Indian Crypto owners and crypto interested people.


What is IC15 and how is IC15 Index Work?

IC15 Index is India’s first Cryptocurrencies index which was launched through CryptoWire App by TrickerPlant 2 days ago. IC 15 Index is the Indian Crypto index of the 15 most traded crypto in the world. This will help the Crypto owner and enthusiasts to track and monitor their currencies and perform their transactions. Although IC 15 will not deal with all the cryptocurrencies available in the world, it will deal with the 15 most liquid crypto in the world.


IC15 Index is one of its kind and is a door for crypto trading in India. IC15 Index will monitor the most traded 15 Crypto coins in the world. The 15 cryptocurrencies will be decided if crypto passes the set rules.


CryptoWire App and IC15 Index

CryptoWire App is the global crypto super app of TrickerPlanet limited. You can download the App from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is one of India’s first Cryptocurrencies index (IC 15) coin monitoring App. You can monitor and track the performance of your crypto with this app.

CryptoWire App & IC15

You can find the crypto research papers, latest news, Smart market, and wire watch, etc. Crypto wire also monitors and give insights on the world’s top crypto exchanges, digital money market, and swap markets. IC15 Index Price of the Crypto and helps on how to invest in IC15.


What are the conditions for crypto to be on the list of IC15?

India’s first crypto index IC15 ETFs is Rule base broad market index which will be monitoring the top 15 cryptos in the world. The decision will be taken by a governance committee (IGC) if the crypto passes the set of rules. The governance committee will monitor the index. The Index captures more than 80 percent of the market movements. Here are the conditions to qualify for being on the IC15 Index.

  • Most traded during 90% of the review period.
  • Must be in the list of top 100 most liquid cryptocurrencies.
  • Have to be in the top 50 cryptocurrencies in the world by circulating Market cap

Here is the weight of Crypto and its weight is given in the IC15 Index for Jan-march

IC15 – Crypto Weight
Bitcoin 51.57%
Ethereum 25.79%
Binance Coin 5.03%
Solana 3.10%
Cardona 2.58%
XRP 2.33%
Terra 1.82%
Avalanche 1.57%
Polkadot 1.55%
Dogecoin 1.33%
Shiba Inu 1.08%
Uniswap 0.63%
Litecoin 0.60%
Chainlink 0.54%
Bitcoin Cash 0.48%



IC15 Index Calculation Process

The index base rate will be 10,000 and the base date will be April 1, 2018. IC15 Index will be calculated frequently and monitored. It will be like the Nifty 30 index where a weighted average of 30 stocks. Similarly, the IC 15 Index will be the weighted average of 15 Crypto coins, The weight will be given to each coin.

A review of the index will be held quarterly on the 15th calendar day in the months of March, June, September, and December.


What are the Cryptocurrencies that will be covered by IC15?

Following cryptocurrencies are shown in the CryptoWire app in the IC15 Index Section.

IC 15 Index India's First Cryptocurrencies Index

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Binance
  4. Solana
  5. Cardano
  6. XRP
  7. Polkadot
  8. Terra
  9. Avalanche
  10. Dogecoin
  11. Shiba Inu
  12. Chainlink
  13. Uniswap
  14. Litecoin
  15. Bitcoin Cash

These are the IC15 crypto which is currently showing in the CryptoWire App.


How to buy IC15 in India?

The fund manager has now new opportunities and experts will invest here like mutual funds. You can buy by taking the help of experts and experts’ organization. There will be a platform to buy the IC15 in India. Note buying the IC Index is a small risk approach to investing however we cannot say that this is 100% risk-free.


How India and Indian people will be benefited from the crypto Index?

Existing Indian Crypto Investors will be happy to see such an index and people will be benefited and can diversify their investment in crypto. Crypto is a speculative industry and there is a high-risk high return probability in it. Derivative and benchmark setup will be there with the help of this.


Is this index legal?

Yes, Crypto assets are traded in India but there is no proper regulation established by India. Let’s wait for the proper bill by the Indian government and then there will be a solid answer on this. So, the earning from crypto is not taxable and its income whether will be black or illegal we don’t know. Our recommendations will be to pay tax on your earnings doing self-assessment no matter what future consequences be.

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What is the major or top Crypto Index in the world?

Here are some of the best Crypto Index or Cryptocurrency ETFs in the world. The BITO, BTF, GBTC, BLOK, BITW, ETHE, BLCN, LEGR are the renowned crypto ETF in the world.


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