India has more Unicorns than the UK 2021

We are already getting news from various sources that India has more unicorns than the UK now in 2021. A unicorn is a creature like a horse that has horned in the forehead and is a special giant and has a flying or fast running capacity. Here we are not talking about the creature or beast with magical power but the Startups that raised funding or investments of $1 Billion valuations or more.

We have seen Indian startups have gained a lot of funding’s in various categories and most of which results well. The Indian ecosystem of startups in recent years has gained more potential due to market and government policy.


Minicorn, Soonicorn and Unicorn

Minicorn: The startups have a valuation of US $ 1Million or more it is termed as Minicorn.

Soonicorn: The Startups have a valuation of US $ 10 Million or more than it is termed as Soonicorn.

Unicorn: The startups have a valuation of US $ 1 Billion or More than it is termed as Unicorn.

Unicorn startups are rare like the mythological unicorn creatures.

Decacorn: The Startups have a valuation of US $ 10 Billion or more than it is termed as Decacorn.

Hectacorn: The Startups have a valuation of US $ 100 Billion or more than it is termed as Hectacorn.

 India has now 54 unicorns Startups.


What makes India has more unicorns than the UK

The first and foremost things are innovation and the large Market of India. India is the second most populated country after China. India also improves its ranking in Global Innovation Index. Any startups that get successful due to the following two reasons.

  1. Innovation in Problem Solving
  2. Market Size

There are lots of problems and lots of solutions for the problem. People always prefer fewer complex solutions for a particular problem. That is where innovation plays a role in a particular solution to that problem. The second is Market Size, how your innovation impacts people in terms of numbers. The more number involved the more is the chance of earnings. India has now 54 Unicorn startups and added more than 25 startups in unicorn list in 2021.


list of Unicorn Startups in India

Here is the list of Few Indian Unicorn Startups.

  1. OYO
  2. Udaan
  3. Unacademy
  4. Byju
  5. Flipkart
  6. PayTm
  7. Swiggy
  8. Razorpay
  9. Zerodha
  10. Meesho
  11. Cred
  12. CoinDCX


Indian CEO in Top Companies in the world

Indian people have proved to the world that they are able and capable of doing things in a unique and accountable way. From Sundar Pichai Google CEO to various others, Indian has made its place and set benchmarks high. Here is the list of names and companies of Indian CEOs in Top companies of the world.


Name of Indian Companies
Sundar Pichai Google, Alphabet – US
Satya Nadela Microsoft
Sanjay K Jha Global Foundries
Nikesh Arora Soft Bank
Shantanu Narayan Adobe
Francisco D’Souza Cognizant Technology
Sanjay Malhotra Sandisk, Micron
Arvind Krishna IBM
George kurien NetApp, Oracle,
Indra nooyi Pepsico, Amazon


One thing Common you will find here; they all have their higher Education from outside India.


India has more unicorns than the UK, What about China and US

No doubt India has left Brazil and many other countries behind and stands at third position in the unicorn race, but India is far behind China and USA.

  • The USA has a massive 487 unicorns including Decacorns and Hectacorns.
  • China has again massive 301 unicorns
  • India has a total of 54 unicorns
  • The UK has 39 and Germany 26 unicorns

India is far behind China and USA however it is anticipated soon India will have more than 100 unicorns before 2025.


What gave India more unicorns than the UK

Apart from Innovations and Market Size, one factor is that India got advantages over US-China diplomatic relations. China has lost a few unicorns as investors took money out. US companies looking at India’s growing market and making a move towards India. This created huge impact on Indian startups ecosystem and India more unicorns than the UK


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Government Role in India having more unicorn

Indian governments play a vital and important role in nourishing Indian startups. From providing loans to stand to easily access the resources government plays an important role in the success of the startups. Startups India campaign is successful for India and the Indian Government. Education to funding the government gave all the things needed to the startups.


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