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Our work: Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System Software (IMS) is developed intending to avoid manual complication in keeping record of Inventory Type CA and maintaining wholesome A/C of them which enables GOVT. Organisations’ Jinsi Fat (Store Division/Section). This application enables government organization to automate the Jinsi fat/department. This application facilitates to keep records of ‘item, item-durable and disposable within a F/Y, demand-sleep, Stock I/O, delivery-slip, inspection of items (Groupwise/Individual), Book Value, auction/bid, vehicles logs, item on hire, purchase of item.

Finnaly, the application delivers all required reports as well as flexible record in a government defined format and can also be customizable. Feature of Application:

• Purchase Order Form
• Entry Report Form
• Durable Item Ledger
• Disposable Item Ledger
• Handover Form
• Inventory Observation Form
• Rent of Property Record Form
• Log Book of Vehicle
• Demand Form
Technology Used: ASP.NET, MSSQL

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