Jake Joseph Paul aka Jake Paul is a social media personality and professional boxer. He was born on January 17th, 1997. He rose to fame through his vine. With increasing popularity, he was cast for the role of Dirk Mann on the Disney Channel series called Bizaardvark. Although that lasted for only 2 seasons, the popularity remained alive through his YouTube channel “Jake Paul”. He is loved and followed by millions on his social media handles. Jake Paul began a new career in August of 2018, as a boxer. Boxing career seems to be very promising for this Youth icon, and he is doing quite well in it.


Jake Paul’s early life:

He was born in Cleveland and grew up in Ohio. He is the sibling of yet another popular YouTuber, Logan Paul. Their parents’ names are Pamela Ann Stenpnick and realtor Gregory Alan Paul. Jake Paul began his career by posting vine videos on YouTube and gradually rose to fame. His vine videos were soon the subject of criticism, it was age-appropriate and many claimed it has a negative impact on children. Amidst the controversies Twitter put discontinuation to his vines, but Paul already had around 5 million followers with 2 billion views on the vine app.  He was unstoppable from then. 


Jake Paul’s Family:

Greg Paul

Jake’s parents are Greg Paul and Pam Stepnick. Greg, at the age of 57 is a celebrity himself and has been a part of his son’s videos. Those engagements have yielded a good fan following for Papa Paul. He has a good fan following on Instagram and has thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel. 


Pam Stepnick:

Jake Paul’s mother, Pam Stepnick has remarried after her divorce with Greg and is living in Ohio. She too is popular for her vlogs and podcast on Logan and Jake’s pages. Before hitting fame, she was a Registered Nurse. Now she has her own vlog page called “VlogMom”. Net estimated net worth is between 1-5 million dollars.

Despite being divorced they are on good terms and come together every now and then for family gatherings.


Logan Paul:

Logan Paul is Jake Paul’s brother. He, like his brother, is a YouTuber and social media personality. He runs a successful YouTube channel called “Logan Paul” which has more than 22 million subscribers and 5.8 billion views.


Jake Paul’s Girlfriends:

  1. Julia Rose:

Jake and Julia dated in early 2020 and broke up by May of the same year. They have an on and off relationship to date and are seen together on many occasions so far.

  1. Tana Mongeau:

She is a YouTuber, who also is the ex-wife of Jake Paul. Jake proposed to her on her 21st birthday, but sadly their marriage fell within six months.

  1. Erika Costell:

She is a model and a YouTuber. She appeared on a song called Chitty Bang, which featured Jake on the track. They dated in 2017and ended in the same year.

  1. Tessa Brook:

Tessa is a model and actress who have performed for Disney’s Next Big Thing, The Pulse on tour, and others. She dated Jake in the year 2017.


Jake Paul’s career:

Jake Paul started his vines in September of 2013. His vines caught the attention of the audience, especially the young audience very soon and he became quite an idol to them. In response to the growing popularity, he started his own YouTube channel on 15th May of 2014.


YouTube channel and Bizaardvark Series:

His YouTube channel is popular for prank videos, rap music, and controversies. His massive success was followed by various criticism, which we shall discuss later on. He was approached for the Disney series Bizaardvark after the rising popularity through YouTube and Vines. His character in the series was similar to this content. It was a guy who accepted the dares and performed them.

In the year 2017, Disney announced Paul’s departure from the series. After the discontinuation from the series, several complaints were filed against him by his neighbor, the reason being the loud noises from his house during the back-to-back parties, fans crowding their neighborhood, fire hazards, and many more. Paul later confirmed through his that he would focus on his personal brandings rather than elsewhere. He later broke the silence in the Bizaardvark matter and accepted that he was fired from the show.


Music and team 10:

Paul later announced that he had launched an entertainment collaborative title, team 10, with$1 million in financing in the year 2017. It was done in order to create influencer marketing management and creative agency around young people’s entertainment. He was backed by Sanhua Capital, Horizons Alpha, Vayner Capital, A-grade investments, and many more as investors. He released his single titled “Its everyday Bro”, featuring team 10. The video had 70 million views in one month and became the third most disliked video on the website. Despite that, it peaked at number 91 on Billboard Hot 100.

The title of this single represented how Paul posted a video every single day. In November 2017, he released a remix version of the very song but featured American rapper Gucci Mane this time. In April of 2018, he released another single titled, “Malibu” with team 10, and in the May of the very year he released yet another single titled “My teacher”. The very month he released a couple of songs, Randy Savage and Cartier Vision. His distract was released in 2018, after his involvement in the boxing field. He released “Champion”, which was directed towards his boxing opponent Deji Olatunji. 


The new group:

In March of 2019, Paul released the single,” I am Single”, along with the music video. This song focused on his recent breakup and the feeling he was dealing with as a single person. By July of that year, it was rumored that Paul had dismantled team 10 and was starting a new group. The new group members were Adam Quinn, Lauren Dascalo, Brandon Amato, and Payton, and Mikahl Caci.


Boxing career: Jake Paul Fight

Paul started his boxing career at the age of 21, in the year 2018. Jake and Logan fought KSI and Deji Olatunji. It was an amateur boxing match, the fight was the main undercard of the main event before KSI vs Logan Paul. Paul had defeated Deji in the fifth knockout round.

Professional Boxing matches:

After his victory in the amateur white collar match, Jake was drawn towards the boxing field and decided to include it as a professional thing. He then took part in professional boxing matches.


Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib:

In December of 2019, Paul made his professional boxing debut against YouTuber AnEsonGib. The match between the two of them was featured on the WBO world middleweight title, Paul defeated his opponent in the match in the first round.


Jake Paul Vs Nate Robinson:

His second boxing match was against the professional basketball player Nate Robinson. The match was announced in July to take place in September, However, the match got rescheduled and took place in November. Paul won this second match against his opponent in the second round of the match.


Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren:

Paul’s third match announcement was in December of 2020. His third opponent would be former Bellator MMA and ONE Welterweight Champion, Ben Askern. The match was set to happen in March of 2021 but took place in February of 2021. The game generated a good revenue of 1.45 million pay-per-view. Paul defeated his opponent Askren in round 1.


Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley:

Paul’s impulsive habits of getting on the wrong side or people provoked a backstage confrontation with former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. This took place before the main fight between Paul and Ben Askren. After the match with Ben Askren, Paul called out Woodley. The match was fixed in August of 2021, and Paul once again won the fight. This time the victory was, however, by a split decision of the judges. 


Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley II

Tyron Woodley was not satisfied by the spilt decision defeat and wanted a rematch. The rematch took place on the 18th of December, and Paul won against Woodley with the winning scores being 49-46 and 48-46.


Jake Paul Net Worth:

Jake Paul’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be $20 Million. A huge part of his income is covered by his YouTube channel which has over 20 million subscribers. He earns almost $15000 a month, which by the way excludes the payments from the promotions and super chats. In the April of 2017, he earned $ 690,000 after his last match against Ben Askren.


Controversies and Legal Issues

Content Related Controversies:

Jake Paul is loved for his content, many young people regard him as their idol and his watch time has exceeded 2 billion. There is various content-related criticism that was made against him. In 2018, he uploaded a video with the title, I lost my Virginity, and the thumbnail of that video was a picture of him and his then-girlfriend Erika Costell posing semi-nude. This was criticized heavily by many people terming it inappropriate.

Given the fact that Paul’s audience consists of young children. After that, Jake changed the thumbnail. Wish I could say that was the end of criticisms for Jake, but then I would be wrong. Not even a week later TMZ criticized one of Paul’s videos for the use of the term Nigga, multiple times in his freestyle rapping. By the year 2020, Jake claimed to be the starter of the content house creation and the first to launch boxing matches between high-profile people. Many people were frustrated by this activity of Paul, as he certainly was not the first person to do so.


Scam Allegations:

Jake Paul started a website in 2018, a program that would teach young people how to be successful, learn different types of life skills, and make money online. In addition to that, Jake has promised that the users of the program would get to join Team 1000, which he didn’t deliver. Users have to pay $7 to unlock a series of videos for a supposed roadmap to success. To their disappointment, $7 did not unlock the entire program, rather just updated a few basic tips.

He was accused of luring young followers and stealing their money. This brought a complete shutdown to the program, only after 2 years of its launch. In 2019, Jake, along with a few other friends said that he would partner with Los Angeles-based GenZ Holding to create a $19.99 per month platform. The subscribers would get the experience of Jake Paul’s personal lifestyle. This program was criticized by many people believing that this may expose the children to a dangerous message or wrong information.


Party Complaints, Public lawsuits, and Covid-19

Jake’s neighborhood filed a class-action lawsuit against him. After the publication of Jake’s living address, many fans and reporters started crowding the area and hounding on Paul’s neighbor for information. The house owner company of Paul’s resident, Cobra Acquisition, itself filed a complaint that Jake owed them $2.5 Million.    In early February of 2020, Paul got into a nasty fight with British singer, Zayn Malik. He claimed that Zayn was a rude, obnoxious, and physically violent person.

He went to the major extend and posted about it on his Twitter handle. This soon caught the attention of many people, including Zayn’s girlfriend, an American Modal, Gigi Hadid. He later deleted the tweet and said it was nothing but alcohol in him that did the talking. In amidst the covid pandemic, Jake a party in July, and later when was asked if he regretted his action, he clearly denied being guilty and called Covid a “hoax”. He further added that many people die due to flu in comparison to Covid, and dissimilated the information that 98% of the covid news was Media’s exaggeration. This remark was termed “aggressively ignorant”, and “embarrassing”.


Sexual assault allegations:

In April of 2021, Justine Paradise, a TikTok personality released a video claiming that Jake has forced her into Oral Sex and groped her during the incident at the Team 10 House. Paul immediately denied the accusations. Paradise later released another video stating the harassment and death threat she was getting over the accusations. The article published in The New York time, published a second Sexual harassment accusation against Paul by model and actor Railey Lollie.  She claimed Paul would call her names, make comments on her appearance and touch her inappropriately.

Investigated in Puerto Rico:

In May of 2021, Jake was investigated by the Puerto Rico department for riding a motorized vehicle on Puerto Rico’s beaches. He had initially posted a video of it but soon took it down, and apologized for his behavior. 


Why is Jake Paul popular among young people?

Jake and his brother, Logan, both are well known for their popularity among the young generation. It is fair to say that they are well aware of the needs and interests of young people. If you visit Jake’s YouTube channel, you will find thumbnails of semi-naked people, titles that excite the young people, and many other nasty kinds of stuff, which sadly is what attracts the young people.

We can without a doubt say that he gains an insane amount of views and followings through his clickbait, inappropriate content, and extra flashy thumbnails. Also, Paul’s videos are far from reality, it exposes young people to the idea of attainment of easy success, claims to be an idol for anyone who wants to be an internet sensation and whatnot. Most of his fan base is younger children, they think everything that comes out of Paul’s mouth is funny and are intruded by the lifestyle he displays in the video. He talks about the sexual contents without any filters and with no regard to age sensitivity.


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Internet sensation Jake Paul is someone who is looked upon by millions of young people. YouTube has become one of the biggest money-earning platforms. Every view, every like, and subscription counts into monetary values. It is because of this, many content creators do not hesitate to create bizarre content on any ridiculous topics.

Now, had YouTube been a subscription app with age limit reach, this may not be the subject of disappointment, but it is not. It is a widely available app and the content in it is freely available to anyone with a smart device. Hundreds and thousands of young people are misguided by the wrong content videos and are diverted on the wrong path. To blame certain individuals for this would be a mistake, instead of as a parent one should always keep a tab on what their children are doing and what content they browse on the Internet. 

Jake Paul has managed to grab handsome fame on today’s date. He is loved and followed by millions and is represented as an influencing personality. There are indeed struggles for this fame, the journey of a teenager to becoming an internet sensation is surely not a child’s play. He has been a part of various controversies but despite all that, he is one of the most followed young people. You may hate him, you may love him, but surely can’t overlook the fact that he has successfully built a career that not many people can.


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