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Josh app has gained popularity in India in recent times. Many people are curious about what the josh app actually is, Is It TikTok of India. Here, you can learn about it with the help of this article.


This Josh app gained popularity the very moment it was released. After Tiktok was banned in India, many similar apps were created. However, among them, the josh app was one of the best replacements. Josh app is an application used to create short videos. It is a short video app used for both creating and sharing. It was created in India and has over 3 million downloads. They also plan to gain popularity in the international market.


It is owned and created by an Indian company called “daily hunt”. Daily hunt is a content curation platform in India. Viren Gupta and Umang Bedi are responsible for this project. We can download this app on both android and IOS. On Android, we can download it from the Playstore and on iOS from the App store. The app is free, and many popular creators have joined it. An Active user spends about 21+ minutes in this app daily.


Features of The josh app:

Josh app flexes many great features similar to TikTok and Instagram. But, except that it has many other features. The video feed is managed according to the user’s choice. There are many daily challenges users can participate in. The challenges also give you rewards for winning. Some of the best features of the josh app are;


  1. There are many genres of videos available. 
  2. There are several challenges available daily rewarding you with exciting rewards.
  3. You can shoot good-quality videos and edit them easily.
  4. You can set the language to any local language of your choice.
  5. There are many celebrity influencers, so you can have a link with them.
  6. Other features such as music playlists, duets, etc.


Guide for using the Josh application:


Watching videos:

The first thing is to install the josh app. After you have installed the app, you can directly start watching the videos. You will be asked about your preference in the languages after installation. After which you have to read and agree to the terms and conditions. Now, you can easily watch videos without creating an account.


On the home screen of your app, you can see two options: ” for you” and “following”. On the for you page, you can see content from random creators. However, these contents are shown according to your preference. On the following page, you can see contents from creators you follow. Now You will require an account to get access to it.


Creating an account with Josh:

It is not very hard to create an account. You will require an account in order to follow creators and create videos. To create an account check the bottom tab. Here, you can see an icon with a person. Click on it, you will get the option to log in. Now, choose the desired option. You can open it with a phone number, Facebook, or with a google account. After this, You will have to choose your username. Finally, your account is ready. You can also add photos, bio, etc.


Creating videos on Josh:

Video creating is similar to TikTok, you can create videos by clicking on the “+” sign like on TikTok. This sign is available on the bottom tab. You can also choose a song by clicking on the ” pick a song ” button. You can click videos for up to one minute, the minimum length is of Five seconds. After recording videos, you can edit them as well. You can add stickers, texts, filters, etc to make your videos better.


Earning Money on Josh App:

There is no mention of direct earning in the app. However, you can earn money from the app excluding the prizes. The prizes are given to you for the daily challenges. There are not as many facilities as TikTok however, there are some ways to earn money on this Josh app:


Promotion and sponsorship:

This is one of the best ways to earn money through this app. But, this requires you to have a large number of followers. After you have gained popularity on the josh app brands contact you. They offer you money in return for advertising and promoting their products. Promotion can earn you a huge amount of money on a monthly basis.


Sponsorship is quite similar to the above-mentioned promotion. The difference is, you get the products you advertise instead of money. For this, you will have to create videos with the products. you will have to give a positive review. You can also do affiliate marketing in a similar way. For this, you can affiliate links to earn after featuring a product.


Branding and collaboration:

With a high amount of followers, you can do branding of products. The branding can be done over other social media sites. Branding can be a great way to earn money. You can also collaborate with small artists and creators. Many small creators prefer collaborating with popular creators. This helps the small creators gain fame and popularity. 


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Increasing followers in the josh app:


The first step to gaining popularity in the app is your profile. You will need to create an attractive profile. An attractive profile includes a great profile picture and a creative username. You can also put some creative Bio. After you have created your profile, post consistently. The more frequently you post videos, the higher chance of gaining followers. The process and various other things are similar to TikTok.


You will also have to follow the trends of the app. There are new trends constantly going viral. Try out those trends, to increase your views. Make sure you give it your best and showcase your talents. One of the most effective tips is to build connections. You will have to build a good connection with your viewers. Share relatable content, Life experiences, etc to show how close you are to them.


You can also share your videos on other social media accounts for more views. You can collaborate with famous artists and creators. Also, try to land on the for you page of people, to get more viewers.


Josh app is a fun app to spend time on. It is one of the most downloaded Indian applications. You can use the josh app to learn, create and pass time. It is working hard to reach the international markets. You can earn money through it and gain popularity. This is a great space to bring out the artist in you. You can show your unique talents and get appreciated. 


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