Khalti Announces a VAT Refund of 10% on WorldLink Payments


Khalti, a leading digital wallet has announced a 10% VAT refund on WorldLink internet payments. When paying for the internet through Nepal’s popular mobile money platform, the attractive offer will benefit 650,000 Worldlink customers.
The VAT refund system is the result of then-Budget Minister Mr. Yuvraj Khatiwada’s finance bill 2076, Khalti, and WorldLink’s collaboration with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Also, WorldLink owns a 40 percent stake in Khalti. This is likely to have assisted both corporations in developing the VAT Refund system for Worldlink customers.

WorldLink and Khalti are collaborating to boost Nepal’s digital economy and achieve the Digital Nepal mission. Similarly, the VAT Refund plan would strengthen the Digital Nepal Framework and the digital economy.

Khalti’s Background

With over 2.0 million subscribers, Khalti is Nepal’s second-largest payment service provider. About 15% of Nepal’s overall mobile wallet market is held by the company. It also has a large network of 30K+ agents all around the country.

Khalti serves as an electronic payment facilitator. It allows customers to top up their phones as well as pay for TV and internet expenses. Users can also use the app to purchase domestic bus and airplane tickets, pay for government services, and submit insurance premiums.
The 10% VAT refund will considerably boost digital payment for ISPs. Also, at the very least, benefit the digital economy.

Subscribers to WorldLink will receive a 10% VAT refund

There are further advantages to paying with Khalti, in addition to the 10% VAT refund. When WorldLink clients renew their internet connections, the mobile wallet gives them a 1.5 percent return. They can also save Rs.100 on WorldLink bill payments by using Promo Code GOCASHLESS.

Khalti estimates that the additional 10% VAT refund scheme will help the ISP’s 6.5 lakh users directly. Users should keep in mind, however, that Khalti only offers 10% of the 13 percent VAT applied on the taxable amount to consumer ID for household connections.

Enterprise and corporate WorldLink subscribers, on the other hand, will not get benefits.
“This service will surely enhance our aim of bringing financial inclusion to all Nepalese,” said Binay Khadka, CEO of Khalti. Along with this, we’ll be working on several other additional innovations, teaming with the government and other organizations to deliver more one-of-a-kind services and amenities.”

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sah, WorldLink’s group CFO, expressed similar enthusiasm. “Khalti, as a Worldlink payment partner, has been delivering numerous cashback offers to Worldlink users,” he stated. In addition to existing incentives, I believe the VAT refund offer will make a significant contribution to the common aim of Digital Nepal by encouraging Worldlink users to pay online via Khalti.”

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