MBA in Nepal

The abbreviation MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. This two years master’s degree program is considered a dynamic program. It includes case studies, term papers, field visits, presentations, and project works. The colleges offering MBA in Nepal are either affiliated with foreign universities or national universities. 

MBA in Nepal

What is MBA?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Is a globally recognized management degree.  The MBA program focuses on developing the necessary skill set that is required for business and management functions. MBA is a two-year program. This program enhances the capacity of an individual which inevitably makes them a better leaders. These leaders and professionals make wise judgments and lead organizations to success. MBA is dominantly pursued by management graduates. Over hundreds of thousands of people pursue a different type of MBA program every year. 


MBA courses in Nepal

There are lots of varieties of MBA course in Nepal. For example, Master of Business Administration in Finance, Master of Business Administration in Corporate Leadership, Master of Business Administration in Operation Management, Master of Business Administration in Marketing, Master of Business Administration in Global Management, Master of Business Administration in Management of information systems, etc. 


How long is MBA in Nepal?

The Masters of Business Administration MBA is a two-year course. The MBA course encompasses both theoretical and practical teaching. It also includes an internship at the end of the course. Which will help students to get a job in the same place (Company/Firms) or the place of their choice later.  


MBA universities in Nepal

There are competent MBA universities in Nepal. The universities are responsible for regulating MBA courses and curriculum. In Nepal MBA colleges are affiliated with Tribhuvan University TU, Kathmandu University KU, Pokhara University PU, Purbanchal University PU, and others are internationally affiliated. The colleges that are internationally affiliated are acknowledged and certified by both Ministry of Education Science and Technology MoE and Tribhuvan University. However, Before getting enrolled in MBA in colleges affiliated with foreign universities students must meet the basic university standards. Following are some examples of foreign universities and Nepali colleges that are affiliated with them: 


  • Texas College of Management and IT is affiliated with Lincoln University
  • NAMI College is affiliated with the University of Northampton 
  • IIMS College is affiliated with Lincoln University College 
  • Phoenix College is affiliated with Lincoln University College
  • The British College is affiliated with Leeds Beckett University
  • Islington College is affiliated with London Metropolitan University


Fee Structure of MBA 

Generally, MBA programs cost between 5 and 10 lakhs. Every college has a different fees structure. Hence, it is best to look into the website of specific colleges to know the exact fee structure. Though an MBA course might be expensive it will yield better after graduation. The graduates will get amazing high-paying jobs which will help them to recover their expenses. 


Scope of MBA  in Nepal

The scope of an MBA in Nepal is stunning. MBA jobs in Nepal are high paying which will ensure anyone’s career. Almost every business, management, and finance-related sector require individuals with MBA credentials. However, The scope of MBA graduates is not explicitly limited to the management & corporate sector. After graduation, graduates can also pursue jobs in the public sector, government, private industry, etc. 


MBA jobs in Nepal 

There are myriads of the scope of MBA in Nepal. MBA graduates can seek almost all kinds of managerial, corporate, and finance-related jobs. For example Banking & Finance, Investment Banking, Information system management, Management Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Private Equity, Data Analytics, Business Development, Senior Research Consultant, Online Marketing, Logistics Head, Retailing Management, and many more. Especially if an individual is determined to get into a top managerial position MBA degree is a must. 


Salary of MBA in Nepal

The salary of MBA graduates increases as per their expertise and experience. Generally, the starting salary of MBA graduates ranges from 30K to 1Lakh. The individual with MBA credentials with experience of up to 2-4 years earns over 2Lakhs per month. There have been scintillating graduates who engage themselves in entrepreneurship and earn an unimaginable amount of money. 


Eligibility criteria for MBA in Nepal

The different universities have different eligibility requirements for MBA In Nepal. For Tribhuvan University, Students must have completed their bachelor’s in BBM, BBA, BMS, BPA, BTTM, or in those undergraduate programs which are equivalent to these programs with 2 CGPA or second division. For Kathmandu University, A candidate must have completed three years of bachelor’s degree program. For Pokhara University & Purbanchal University, a candidate must complete a bachelor’s degree with a 2.00 CGPA or at least 45% in their bachelor’s. 


Top MBA colleges in Nepal

There are well reputed top MBA colleges in Nepal. These colleges are desired by the majority of MBA aspirants. Students pursue MBA both nationally as well as in foreign countries. MBA is one of the most popular master’s degrees among students around the world. Today over 2,500 MBA programs are available worldwide. In Nepal, Tribhuvan University offers five types of MBA. The Kathmandu University KU, Pokhara University PU, and Purbanchal University PU primarily offer MBA and EMBA programs including others. Though Mid Western University was established recently it also has begun to offer an MBA program. Following is the list of TOP MBA colleges with their respective affiliated universities.


  • Mid-western University School of Management affiliated with  Mid Western University 
  • The Global College International is affiliated with the Mid Western University
  • The Himalayan Whitehouse International College School of Management is affiliated with Purbanchal University 
  • Kantipur International College is affiliated with Purbanchal University
  • Kathmandu Don Bosco College is affiliated with Purbanchal University
  • Kathmandu University School of Management is affiliated with Purbanchal University 
  • SAIM College is affiliated with Pokhara University 
  • King’s College is affiliated with Westcliff University
  • The Ace Institute of Management affiliated with Pokhara University 
  • Apex College affiliated with Pokhara University 
  • Uniglobe College affiliated with Pokhara University 
  • Quest International College is affiliated with Pokhara University 
  • VS Niketan College is affiliated with Pokhara University


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