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Merolagani Online Stock Training Services provides training videos in simple and understandable language for fundamental to expert levels of fundamental and technical analysis. Merolagani operates as a SAAS model tech website that helps to analyze Stock and capital market data easily in Nepal. You can create your own watchlist for the stocks that you are interested in. Watchlists let you track the stocks even if they are not in your portfolio.

You can set up alerts for every price change in the stocks on your watchlist and get SMS alerts and Email notifications. A single account can manage multiple portfolio live stock quotes, news, reports, analysis, and portfolio management tools are all available on Merolagani was designed with Nepali needs in mind and is a portfolio tracker. It will track all of your investments and notify you of any profits or losses. Asterisk Technology Pvt. is the creator and operator of Merolagani also comes in App.

Merolagani Company Wiki

Brand:- Merolagani or Mero Lagani

Established:- September 2011

Company:- Asterisk Technology Pvt. Ltd.

App Released:- 2015

App Rating:- 4.1

Director:- Atit Lal Shrestha

Uttam Prasad Panta

Mero lagani App

Merolagani App Additional Information

Updated: March 23, 2022
Size: 38M
Installs: 500,000+
Current Version: 4.1.8
Requires Android: 5.0 and up
Content Rating: Rated for 3+
Offered By: Asterisk Technology Pvt. Ltd

Service Offered By Merolagani

The below details are fetched from merolagani website.

Merolagani Services


Data Analytics

Merolagani Data Analytics Is A Revolutionary Product That Combines Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, And Floorsheet Analysis To Give Investors A Detailed Insight Into A Stock, Which Will Ultimately Help Investors Make Better BUY | SELL Decisions. Rates for Subscription of Data Analytics.

Day Rate
1 Month Rs. 400
6 Month Rs.2000
1 year Rs.3500
180 Days/ Daily installment Rs.4/day
360Days/ Daily installment Rs.4/day
1 Day upfront pack Rs.4/day
360Days/ 3Days installment Rs. 13
3Days upfront pack Rs. 15
180Days data anaytics/ 3Day installment Rs.14

Merolagani Newsletter

Weekly And Daily Summary Report Made By Merolagani Technical Analyst Team To Help Investors Make BUY | SELL | HOLD Strategies.

News letter Rate
1 Month Rs. 1000
1 Day front pack Rs. 14
180 Days/ daily installment Rs.8
360 days / daily installment rs.7
3days upfront pack rs.26
360days / 3days installment rs.24
180days / 3days installment rs.25
6 month rs.5500
1 year rs.10000


Merolagani Online Utility That Helps To Track All Investments And Make Investors Aware Of Their Gains And Losses.

Portfolio Rates
6 month rs.500
1 year rs.1000
1 day upfront pack rs.5
180 days/ daily installment rs.4
360 days/ daily installment rs.3
180 days/ 3days installment rs.14
360 days / 3days installment rs.13
3day upfront pack rs.15

Technical Data for Technical Analysis- Merolagani

MetaStock Contains Powerful Technical Analysis Tools To Help You Make Informed Decisions About What To Buy And Sell And When To Execute To Make The Most Profitable Trade Possible. Merolagani Technical Analysis data.

Technical data Rates
1 month rs.250
1 year rs.2500

Merolagani SMS Alerts

This Service Is For Getting Share Market Alerts In Your SMS. Now you can use Merolagani services using your Ncell number and here is how you activate or deactivate it.

Service Name Activation Keyword Deactivation Short Code
Daily Upfront Pack ACT MSUD N/A 17174
3 Days Upfront pack ACT MSU3 N/A 17174
6 Months Upfront Pack ACT MSU6M N/A 17174
1 Year Upfront Pack ACT MSU1Y N/A 17174
6 Months Pack with Daily Installment ACT MSI6MD DEACT MSI6MD 17174
6 Months Pack with 3 days Installment ACT MSI6M3 DEACT MSI6M3 17174
1 Year Pack with Daily Installment ACT MSI1YD DEACT MSI1YD 17174
1 Year Pack with 3 days Installment ACT MSI1Y3 DEACT MSI1Y3 17174


Charges for SMS Alert of Merolagani

SMS Alerts
1 day upfront pack rs.8
180days/ daily installment rs.7
360days/ daily installment rs.6
180 days / 3 day installment rs.14
360 days / 3 day installment rs.13
3 day upfront pack rs.15
weekly renewal rs.25.54
weekly onetime pack rs.25.54


Merolagani Podcast. A Digital Audio Merolagani Latest Series.

Podcast Rates
180days/ daily installment rs.4
360days /daily installment rs.3
1day upfront pack rs.5
3 day upfront pack rs.15
180day/ 3day installment rs.14
360day/3day installment rs.13
weekly renewal rs.25.54
1-month pack rs.100
1year pack rs.500

Virtual Trading- Meroalagani Live

This Package of Merolagani Is For the Virtual Trading System.

Virtual Trading Rates
registration fee rs.20
Online Stock Trading
1day upfront pack rs.5
180day/ daily installment rs.4
360day/ daily installment rs.3
3day upfront pack rs.15
180day/3day installment rs.14
360day/3day installment rs.13
1month basic share training rs.150
1month advance technical analysis rs.2500

Online Stock Training

Stock Training Video Podcast


FAQ on Merolagani

MeroLagani Online stock training. Do you think it’s worth it?

By far it is one of the best we have in the market. The fear and greed master is hit in the market and used by many. If you are in the field of trading it will help and especially the customized service is really good. You can even test it for a day and check it by yourself. I will suggest you check and learn from youtube where, you can find lots of videos of technical analysis, and then you can buy merolagani package.

Can Merolagani paid service or SSPro be shared?

No, Sharing is not allowed.

What are the alternative websites or apps to Merolagani?

Here are some of the alternatives to Merolagani.

  • Nepse Alpha
  • Sharesansar
  • Nepalipaisa
  • bizmandu

How can we pay for Merolagani services?

You can use any debit or credit card or eSewa, connect IPS, Ncell, Khalti, and IME Pay for merolagnai services.

Mero Lagani Payment Partners

Conclusion & Disclaimer

This is not promotional content or paid content. Your review might be different and it is completely okay. If you gave used Mero Lagani please share your thoughts and have you benefited from it or not. Apart from Merolagani, you can use Nepse Alpha as well which is free now and provides many technical and fundamental analysis data.

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