Microsoft’s New PowerPoint Features to Transform Your Presentations

Users will soon be able to include a video feed into their presentations using Microsoft’s new functionality for PowerPoint and Teams. Here’s how it’ll work, according to the business.



Microsoft’s Cameo function

For starters, Microsoft’s Cameo function allows users to choose where their faces from a Teams video appear on live PowerPoint presentations. It will also make recommendations on the stream’s place. Also,  whether or not the presentation should be recorded. At Ignite in September, Cameo and a number of other hybrid capabilities for Microsoft Teams and Office apps came into the introduction.

The much-anticipated Cameo feature is now available for Office Insiders. However, Microsoft claims it will be available to the general public in the second quarter of 2022. The “recording studio” is another component of Microsoft’s Cameo tools for Teams and PowerPoint. Users may now use videos to tell a tale with the tool. Its goal is to assist with asynchronous meetings and collaborations. These are becoming increasingly typical in hybrid business arrangements that come to the introduction in many businesses today. The creation of the recording studio is already in PowerPoint. Plans are also in the works to integrate a cameo and a recording studio in the near future.

This is to aid in the creation of more engaging ‘live’ meeting experiences. It chooses whether such presentations are shared live or as a pre-recorded presentation, Microsoft offers something for you.
Users will be able to construct their “presentation, pick how and where you appear on your slides with a Cameo, enhance the slides with Designer, and record yourself speaking to any slide(s) with the recording studio,” according to Microsoft. When it’s time to give your presentation, PowerPoint Live lets people see your recording as part of the presentation.”

More about its new features

According to Microsoft, integrating Cameo with the recording studio to generate a presentation will allow the presenter to remain visible and participate in the meeting, similar to a “live” view.

Starting in the second quarter of 2022, the integrated experience will be available. Microsoft announced that the “speaker coach” feature in Teams will be available to the general public in the coming months. The speaker coach tool employs artificial intelligence to assist presenters in improving message delivery. It does so by providing feedback on repeated language. Also, the usage of filler words, speech tempo, the use of inclusive speech, and much more.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all been working on their different strategies for returning to the office over the last few months. Each company has some sort of plan in place to help customers transition to the hybrid-work arrangement that the pandemic taught us about, in which people can choose to work from home most of the time rather than in the office every day of the week.


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