Minecraft Mods and House Ideas 2022

Are you enticed by the Minecraft game, excited to experience all the Modes, and can’t wait to get started on building various new and modern Houses?


Minecraft is an open-world sandbox video game. Initially, it was run by a company called Mojang. In 2014, it was sold to Microsoft for USD $2.5 billion. It has successfully sold over 200 million copies making it one of the best-selling video games of all time.

This exceptional open-world sandbox game can be played online with friends, random strangers, or even solo. Most people prefer to play by teams as it helps them create more complex worlds after working continuously for months.


Layman understanding of Minecraft:

Have you ever been in a situation where you find your friends playing Minecraft and can hardly understand what is happening on their screens? For those who never played the game before, this might look tricky when seen on screen. A simple understanding of this is, it is a sandbox game. A virtual land where users can create their own world using the building blocks. It can be the world you have always wanted and is made by your own creativity. All that needs to be done is to utilize the available resources, combine them, and put them together.


How do you start “Minecraft”?

“Minecraft” is made of two verbs which means to mine and to craft. At first, the players will come across the piles of dirt blocks. Those blocks are punched and retrieved to build tools. Once enough blocks are retrieved, they need to be crafted. The mines obtained by punching the tree or as said the dirt block, help create the basic tool which later is assembled together to form more complex tools and move forward with games. 


The later levels are much more complex. The gaming algorithm is quite explorations-based. Every time you start a new world in the game it is different from the last one. The game evaluates your performance and generates a random world based on those parameters.


There are, however, some common constants:


  • The level always contains the same materials:

The dirt, trees, water, and other mining tools are basically the same. Having similar tools from the initial level helps the players figure out the new world.


  • The day and Night cycle is constant:

No matter what world you land in, you can expect the day and night cycle to remain constant.


  • Enemies attack at night:

Since the start of the game, it is expected that the players have to remain extra cautious during the nighttime as the enemies can plan impromptu attacks during those vulnerable hours.



  • The stop point is bedrock:

Digging for the mining purpose is only possible until you reach the world’s surface before hitting the bedrock.


  • The game has things to discover:

The world that you land has various crazy jungles, mountains, caves, enemies, and many more. It is always there for the discovery of the players. One can simply never know what awaits them at what point.


Minecraft Game Modes


Survival Mode:

In this mode, the players have to craft various blocks and items by utilizing the available resources for their survival. As the difficulty level increases the monsters start to appear during the night times and in darker areas within certain areas. The attack from those monsters depletes the health bar. It is also depleted because of starvation of other possible injuries during the game journey. The players have a protein bar, which they must restock every now and then and keep eating throughout the game to sustain and increase the health bar.


Creation Mode

If you are willing to play a safe game then there is Creation Mode which accesses that, there are no enemies in this mode, the existence of day and night cycle is not a problem, no creepers coming on your way, and even no urge to mine. It is basically the mode where people who are new to the game come in order to learn the creation process. It does not have the thrill and risk as the survival mode does, and is not a very preferred mode of the game.


Hardcore Mode:

This falls under the survival mode but is locked to the hardest setting. Players have Java edition to have access to this mode. There is no friendly environment in this world, they are either into the spectator mode where they simply explore the world’s remaining domain or delete the world entirely. 


Spector Mode:                

Spector mode can be known as the dormant mode. The players will have the access to fly through the blocks and watch other people play the game without any direct interaction. They cannot intervene in the game but can teleport from one player to another to view their game.


Creative Mode:              

Here players will have full access to the resources and items from the inventory menu. Players can teleport from one place to another and they are immune to all the risks from the game. The players get to use their creative skills and generate their world in this mode.


Adventure Mode:

This mode helps players use their user-crafted custom maps and adventures. It is kind of similar to the survival mode but has various restrictions, which can be applied to the game world by the map creator. There is also a command block, it helps map makers to expand their interaction with players through scripted server commands.



Multiplayer Mode:

It enables the players to interact and communicate with each other in a single world. It is available through direct game-to-game multiplayer, LAN play, and servers. The players can run them through their own server by using a hosting provider, they can set up restrictions concerning which usernames are allowed or disallowed to the server.


Ever wondered what made Minecraft so special?

Well, without a doubt it is an amazing experience. Having the abundance of chances of exploration, mining and crafting tools, creating complex work, and building things by playing together with people from across the globe is a thrill. Many people craft the world as per their interests. Some make a full-scale model of their fantasy worlds like Hogwarts, USS Enterprise, their community, their name initials, and many more.


The best part about is it that it is a non-violent game that teaches kids basic programming skills, teamwork, networking, brainstorming, and provides an open platform to showcase creativity.


Most interesting Modern House Design for Minecraft

People’s craze for Minecraft has been growing since its early days, and now people are hooked to invent the modern house design in the Minecraft worlds. Not many players are pro at doing so but there have been remarkable designs that have been termed as the top best amongst the various players. Some of the most interesting ones are as below:


  1. Modern House for a modern City:

Popular Minecraft YouTuber, “JINTUBE” has a YouTube tutorial on how to build an open-styled Minecraft house. If you follow his page you will find that it takes less than a day to build a luxurious one-floor building. This building comes well equipped with various useful areas like kitchens, ponds, outdoor space, and even other day-to-day useful items. Because of such many facilities, this feels real to the players and they get to enjoy their creation.



  1. Big modern House:

The tutorial to creating a big modern house can be found on the YouTube page by searching for “A1MostAddicted Minecraft”. This is not accessible to all players, only those having the resources such as quartz, stones, and woods can build such large scale design. Many people think it’s worth investing in making these as it not only stands out but is highly functioning with various features, spacious rooms for loot, and many more.



  1. Modern Compact House:

This modern house build is created by another Minecraft You Tuber called “6tenstudio”. This house build is the most preferred choice of gamers who are in a forceful situation where the building spaces are limited. Mostly used and preferred by multiplayer Minecrafters.


  1. Modern Line:

The creator of this design is yet another Minecraft YouTuber, “Random Steve Guy”, which displays a modern house that features a moat in its design. The water surrounding the entry point even slows down the monsters and helps defend against explosions.



  1. Modern Minecraft Villa:

This is a fancy-looking modern vanilla design built by You Tuber, “Akila Gaming”. Due to its cutting-edge design, it looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The new gamers are generally encouraged not to build this one as it consumes a lot of resources and takes days to be completed.



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No matter if you are a pro at Minecraft or just a beginner, having an idea about the various types of Minecraft houses to build is cool. Here are a few of the ideas for you to try:


Medieval House: Minecraft

This comes in all shapes and sizes. You can build a Minecraft castle with multiple features, or you can simply build a rustic village by mining an old oak tree. You can also merge this and make a cozy castle with barn-like features. 


Underground House:

There is a new trend going on in the Minecraft games, where the players construct a basement property with stairs that lead to an underground base. In order to construct this, you have to build up the walls, stairs, and every other needed thing in a hollow area. You can use your artistic skills and add glass designs to the basement as well.

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Minecraft Treehouse is a great way to escape the creepers that attack during the night times.  It also helps get a nice view of the local area, or higher place to point targets to shoot enemies. This can be built from scratch. It can be built as a tree that functions as a house or a house that works as a tree.


Wooden House: Minecraft

It is made from wood-paneled palatial mansions to small log cabins. As long as you have sufficient supplies you can make it as big as desired. You can always leave room for additional creation if and when you have the required woods. This house comes with a sweet porch which can be used for relaxation before and after the adventure.



Suburban House: Minecraft

It is a simple and practical suburban house. It is a double storeys building with a garage and a porch. This good-looking building is made by using concrete, stone, and quartz.it can be made spacious if needed.


It is never too late to be a part of the most hyped game. If you are a hardcore gamer, there is very little chance that you have yet not been introduced to Minecraft. A tad bit of additional information can result in an exceptional outcome during your gaming performance. The players are mostly driven by the game as they start to understand the game rules and complete the levels, entering a new world. It ensures a world full of creativity and the possibility for the players to get advanced with their ideas.


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