Ncell Introduces Recharge Bonus Data As An Election Offer

As part of its local election offer, private cellular operator Ncell has launched different bonus data on recharge packages. With this offer, you can obtain 50 MB – 500 MB data packages while recharging your mobile balance.

Also, you can get the bonus data by using the Ncell app to recharge your main balance.
Moreover, the offer is valid starting May 6th (Baisakh 23rd).
Also, depending on the amount recharged, you can acquire a variety of data volumes under this system.

Ncell election offer, bonus data on recharge

Ncell Election Offer | Recharge Bonus Data

You can get 50 MB of data for a day if you recharge between Rs.50 and Rs.99. You will receive 200 MB data bonus valid for 3 days when you recharge between Rs.100 and Rs.199. Similarly, a balance recharge of Rs.200 or more gets you 500 MB of data.
In addition, Ncell’s election comes after other deals including the Combo Pack, Gajjabko Daily GB Pack, and All-net Voice Packs. Moreover, Ncell claims that these low-cost plans provide exceptional value to users in terms of communication and offer inexpensive access to data and voice.

Ncell Election Offer Bonus data Valid till
Rs.50 – Rs.99 50 MB 1 day
Rs.100 – Rs.199 200 MB 3 days
Rs.20 and above 500 MB NA


Other Connectivity Options

While recharging, the election offers a bonus data volume. However, if you want both internet and voice, the Combo Pack offers 5 GB of data and 100 minutes of all-net talk time over seven days. Besides, this Combo Pack costs Rs.168 (taxes included). Also, Customers can subscribe to the pack by dialing *17123*1#.

If you value your voice, activate an All-net Voice Pack with 150 minutes of talk time. In addition, this pack costs Rs.94 and is valid for seven days. Moreover, You can use the talk time for calls to any Nepali network. Further, by dialing *17118*3*3#, you can subscribe to the All-net Voice Pack.

Ncell Offers Package Price Valid till To activate dial
All-net Voice Pack 150 minutes of talk time Rs.94 7 days *17118*3*3#.
Combo pack 5 GB data + 100 minutes of talk time Rs.168  7 days *17123*1#
Daily GB pack Per day 1 GB for 7 days Rs.129 1 day *17123*1#


Similarly, Ncell offers daily GB packs for prepaid customers that use mobile data on a regular basis. In addition, for Rs.129, you may get 1 GB of data every day for 7 days. Also, To get a daily GB offer, dial *17123*1#.

However, which Ncell offer is your personal favorite? Also, please let us know in the comments section below.

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