Nepal Airlines Corporation to offer In-flight WiFi

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) will soon provide access of In-flight WiFi on foreign flights. Again, this comes as the firm goes on with plans to install in-flight WiFi on wide-body aircraft.

Nepal Airlines In-flight Wifi

The plan arises from its policies to improve its services. Further, On its overseas flights, the airline will shortly install broadband connections.
NTA approved in-flight internet for foreign ISPs in June 2021. Besides, any airline that wishes to add an internet connection on flights must contact NTA. Moreover, it should obtain clearance from CAAN. Now, the national flag carrier NAC will be the first domestic airline to provide this service.

It’s also worth noting that Nepal is only the third South Asian country to allow in-flight WiFi. In the area, only India and Afghanistan have offered the service before Nepal.

In-flight Wifi by Nepal Airlines Flights

A nine-member committee has been formed by the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC). Here, they will investigate the feasibility of an in-flight broadband services. The working committee comprises of high-ranking professionals, including the director of Engineering Maintenance. The investigation has already begun.

The Nepal Airlines claims that its in-flight Wifi service will provide passengers with a valuable service. In addition, it also increases customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, NAC believes that the broadband service will contribute to the company’s economic gain.

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How amazing would it be to be able to use Nepal Airlines Corporation’s aircraft’s in-flight WiFi service on your next flight? Also, Do you hope that such a service will soon be available on other airlines? Let us know in the comments section below.

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