Nepal Imported 3.4 Billion Worth Of Routers From China | Nepal Router Import

Nepal imports routers of over 3.4 billion rupees in the first nine months of the current fiscal year. According to the Customs Department records, the stats quantify the router Nepali traders brought in from Shrawan to Chaitra in 2078.

Nepal imports router fromChina


According to the information, Nepal spent 3 billion, 45 crores, 80 lakhs, and 72 thousand dollars on routers. Also, the money brought a total of 10 lakh, 32 thousand, and 274 routers into the country in terms of units. It’s the 2078 statistics for router imports from Shrawan to Chaitra.

Nepal imports routers from a variety of countries to meet its needs. This includes China, South Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam, among others. Moreover, Taiwan, Thailand, and Lithuania are suppliers of routers to Nepal.

Nepal’s top router imports are China, the United States, and Australia

China is the largest exporter of routers to Nepal. This is according to the Customs Department. Besides, Nepal imported a total of 10 lakh, 2 thousand, 700, and 5 routers in the past nine months of FY 078/79. This totaled 3 billion 32 crores, 20 lakhs, and 98 thousand dollars. This is by far the largest transaction for routers compared to any other country’s router imports.

The United States came in second in terms of router imports to Nepal. Also, for 8 crores, 29 lakhs, and 73 thousand, the country imported 17 thousand, 300, and 23 units. In addition, Nepal purchased 3 thousand, 600, and 2 routers from Australia for 1 crore, 32 lakh, and 27 thousand rupees.

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Several varieties of routers range from traditional single-band to dual-band and WiFi 6 compatible routers. These are available in Nepal.

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