Nepali is about to celebrate Nepali New Year 2079, and no Nepal has not succeeded in Time traveling, well not yet.

Nepal celebrates New Year aka “Nawabarsha” on 1st Bhaishak every year. On 20th October in 878 AD, Nepal Sambat national calendar came into existence. Nepal celebrates nine different New Year’s at different times of the year. Being the home of many ethnic communities, the country sees various different New Year’s within a single year. The Nepali New Year 2079 coincides with 14th April 2022.


How do people celebrate New Year in Nepal?: Nepali New Year 2079

Despite having a different year and day for New Year, people celebrate it with the same Zeal and enthusiasm. Baishak 1st is regarded as the national new year, but there are over 60 ethnic groups who prefer to celebrate the New Year as per their community believes and respected values. People start New Year by making new resolutions, setting new targets, and vows to let go of past pain and difficulties. The day starts with new hope, for life, and towards goals.

Many families organize a New Year picnic plan, have a family gathering. Even those who live far from their native house, tend to go back for that one day and spend it with their loved ones. On this day you will find thousands of Nepalese families spread across the parks and temples. They exchange gifts with their loved ones, and even friends and co-workers. Many people make huge charity on this date and look forward to kindness and gratitude throughout the year. Hope this Nepali new year 2079 brings some good news and vibes.


Different New Year’s Day celebrations in Nepal: Nepali New Year 2079

The unity of people from different ethnic communities has been a treasure of Nepal. These people from different values and believes lives in harmony, rejoicing in one another’s happiness is the beauty of this country. It is because of this diversity, we get to experience various different festivals and occasions at different time Periods.

Nepal being the home of 60 ethnic group’s experiences 9 different New Year day’s throughout the year. All the Nepalese eagerly exchange pleasantries on each of these and rejoice in the happiness of the other community, if not celebrate it themselves. Hope this Nepali New Year 2079 does not get impacted with COVID.

  1. Nhu Dan (November 5, 2021):

Celebrated by Newari Community who are native inhibits of Kathmandu Valley. This community follows a lunar calendar system referred to as Nepal Sambat. This day includes Mah puja, worship of self.


  1. Tamu Losar (December 30, 2021):

In the Nepali month of Poush, people from the Gurung community celebrate Tamu loshar, their New Year with respect to their own calendar system called Tamu Samvit. This festival represents the end of winter and the start of spring.


  1. English New Year (January 1, 2021):

The 1st of January is celebrated as the New Year throughout the world. Nepal also rejoices in this, especially the young people. They go outings, clubbing, and mingle with their loved ones. Nepali New Year is in April 2022 and english New Year is 6 day behind then we enter in 2022.


  1. Maghi (January 15, 2021)

The first day of the month of Magh is called Maghe Sankranti or Maghi festival. People from Thru, Magar, and Kirant communities regard this day as their New Year. This is the harvest festival in this community.


  1. Sonam Loshar (February 12, 2022)

On Magh Sukla Pratipada, people of Tamang community celebrate Sonam Loshar. This represents the harvest festival. People believe this is the correct time to bring good fortune, happiness, and wellbeing. People get involved in a rigorous cleaving process, visit their religious places, and work to drive out all the negativity.


  1. Gyalpo Loshar (March 3, 2022)

This is the New Year of Sherpa people. This loshar falls on Pgalgun Shukla Pratipada as per the lunar calendar. People enjoy this day by singing, dancing, and enjoying traditional Sherpa songs.


  1. Nepali New Year: (Nepali New Year 2079)

Nawabarsa, the new year of every Nepali citizen falls on Bhaisak 1st of Vikram Calendar. This is the time for a second chance, optimism, and new resolutions for a better life. On 14th April 2022 is Nepali New Year 2079.


Bikram Samvat (Vikram Samvat): 

Bikram Samvat (BS) is also known as Vikram Calendar. It is the historical Hindu character that is widely used in the Indian subcontinent. It is the official calendar of Nepal and is used in a few states of India. This was introduced in 1901 AD, and also uses a solar sidereal year.. The lunar year begins with the new moon of the month of Chaitra, which is known as Chaitra Sukhladi, after the end of which the New Year begins. Nepali New Year 2079 B.S is ahead now and English New Year 2022 is very Near.

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Nepal Samvat and Nepali New Year 2079

The Nepal Samvat is the lunisolar calendar used in Nepal. This Calendar era begins in 879 AD. It is declared as a national holiday by the national calendar. It is most popular amongst the Newari Community. New Year’s Day falls on the day of the swanti festival. In the past, traders used to close their ledgers and open new account books on this day. Newari community observes New Year’s Day by conducting Mah Puja, a ritual to purify and strengthen one’s soul for the coming year. The monthly cycle of Nepal samvat is based on Hindu units of time, it ends with the New moon and begins on the first day of the waxing moon.


Nepali New Year 2079: Special for all

New Year has a special part in the life of people. It gives them a chance to beat their odds in life and be hopeful that with the whole New Year ahead of them, they can conquer everything that has yet to achieve. New Year is a sign of an ending to the sorrows of the past and the inclination of life towards a better starting. We all are eagerly waiting for Nepali New Year 2079. What are your plans for the same please share in the comments below.


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