Netflix to charge users for sharing passwords

Netflix is no doubt the sensation in today’s date and known as the American OTT giant. Soon, it is going to charge the users for sharing their passwords with others. The company is all set to roll out its testing characters targeting South American markets. Here, it will examine the trend of sharing passwords within the subscribers.



In three Latin markets i.e., Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, the feature could first launch. There is not a fixed date for the disclosing of its experimental features to go live somewhere else. If the users are found sharing their Netflix account password outside of their family, Netflix plans to charge on its customers. For the commercial suspension, it is in part. The American giant is taking heat as the OTT content intensifies.

There is a huge expense of Netflix on movies and series per year. However, the sharing of passwords by the users could lessen its investment capacity. Hence, for the encouragement of individual subscriptions, and improvement of its finances, Netflix wants to impose restrictions on passwords.

Impact of password sharing on Netflix’s investment capacity 

Netflix has been tolerant with its subscribers when it comes to sharing account passwords. This helped the company grow in popularity. Features like “different profiles and numerous streams in our Standard and Premium plan,” according to Chengyi Long, Director of Product Innovation, made it easy to share passwords. However, he says such capabilities led to confusion over when and how to share Netflix.

Netflix’s “capacity to invest in exciting new TV and films for our customers” has been harmed as a result of inappropriate account sharing outside the family, according to Long.

Although Netflix prohibits customers from sharing their accounts with anybody outside of their family, users have generally ignored this rule. However, the corporation will put its new function to the test, in which customers will have to pay to “add an extra member.” It will preserve your viewing history as well as personalized recommendations. Users in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru will be the first to try out these capabilities.

“We know that customers have a variety of entertainment options, so any new features must be flexible and valuable for members, whose subscriptions support all of our fantastic TV and films.” Before making adjustments anywhere else in the world, we’ll be striving to understand the utility of these two services for members in these three nations,” long explained.



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