NTC Announces New Year 2079 Offer, Rs.49 for Unlimited Calls and Data

NTC new year 2079 offer

On the occasion of Nepali New Year 2079 BS, Nepal Telecom (NTC) has brought New Year offers. The package includes data and calls, allowing clients to stay in touch with loved ones in Nepal and overseas.

According to NTC, this scheme starts on Chaitra 29 and lasts through Baisakh 3.

Know what is on offer

NTC’s New Year Offer provides clients with low-cost data and calls. You can subscribe to a 24-hour validity pack for Rs.49 under this NTC’s New year 2079 offer. For one day, you receive unlimited internet browsing and on-net calls with this pack. However, Keep in mind that the limitation of internet connection will be 1 Mbps for browsing.

Also, You can subscribe to a 3-day pack. For just Rs.98, you can get 6 GB of data.

Even while the 1 Mbps speed may appear to be inadequate, it is still sufficient to carry you through much of the internet today. Furthermore, you will have unrestricted internet access for the entire 24 hours. With unlimited calls within the same time frame, this NTC’s 2079 offer appears to be a highly appealing deal to subscribe to.

Recharge Bonus Data

You can also earn data volume when you recharge with NTC new year offer. According to the company, for a fee of Rs.200 – Rs.499, you will receive 1 GB of data capacity that will be valid for two days.

Similarly, a recharge of Rs.500 or more would provide you a 2 GB of data that will last up to 4 days. These data packs can be recharged by mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale). If you’re one of those people who has to recharge on a regular basis, now is your chance to get an extra data pack. In addition to it, basic browsing and social networking can be done with the data available. Is not this NTC new year 2079 offer really astonishing?

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How can I subscribe to the NTC New Year 2079 Offer?

To subscribe for NTC’s New Year Offer, dial *1415*11# and follow the on-screen instructions. Also, You may activate the offer on your mobile subscription via the Mobile App.

On this special occasion, NTC anticipates that these discounts will benefit all of its clients.

Place one thought on the offer from NTC for this new year 2079.