NTC Launches All Net Voice Pack at Low Prices

For its subscribers, NTC (Nepal Telecom) has announced the All Net Voice Pack. NTC Subscribers can use the offer to make low-cost calls to any mobile network (on-net and off-net).

NTC all-net voice pack
source: https://www.nepalitelecom.com/2017/05/ntc-voice-packs.html

NTC unveiled its all-net voice plan. This adds new features to the company’s existing on-net phone plans. In addition, the company has responded to customer demand by enhancing the existing Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid Pack, Sajilo Unlimited Prepaid Pack, and CUG packs with additional features. These packs are more customer-friendly and subscription-friendly by the company.

Details about the NTC All Net Voice Pack

NTC users can receive a 500-minute talk-time bundle for Rs.265 for a period of 28 days with this deal. In addition, for Rs.550, you may get a 35-day pack with 1,200 minutes of call time. Both of these packs are suitable for consumers who require a long validity period.

Users also receive an unlimited All Net Day Voice Pack. This pack is valid for calls made between the hours of 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. Users can also sign up for the unlimited All Net Night Pack, which covers calls from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. Both of these all-net unlimited voice plans cost Rs.25.

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In addition, NTC offers an All Net Day Voice Pack with distinct talk periods. Users can purchase a 30-minute pack for Rs.12 or a 120-minute bundle for Rs.15 under this scheme. Between the hours of 5 a.m. and 5 p.m., users can call any network using this technique.

The Sajilo Unlimited packs are becoming increasingly appealing

NTC has expanded the benefits of its Sajilo Unlimited postpaid and prepaid plans with the addition of the All Net Voice Pack. Customers can now make off-net calls for 250 minutes for Rs.599 instead of unlimited on-net calls.

NTC subscribers will now be able to call all-net (on-net and off-net) for an indefinite time with packs costing Rs.999 and Rs.1,499, respectively. You’ll also receive 2 GB, 4 GB, and 400 and 1,000 SMS every day, respectively.

The All Net Voice Pack is good for 30 days on postpaid and 28 days on prepaid, according to NTC. From Chaitra 16, 2078 until Baishak 4, 2079, you can purchase the packs. Customers will benefit from the low-cost voice packs and other features added to the Sajilo Unlimited plan, according to the business.