Wondering what is the best online shopping in Nepal platforms/Apps.  We have a detailed list of online Nepali stores or the best online shopping sites or platforms in Nepal.

Online shopping helps in buying goods or services over the internet. It is a digital process by which consumers directly buy goods and services from a seller. This allows the person at the other end an option of browsing freely over hundreds of items by sitting in one space, rather than strolling around the shop to shop for single, if not few items.


Why do people prefer online shopping over physical shopping?

The first reason for this would be the availability of a wide variety of products without any space constraints. This helps an individual choose from various items, compare prices, learn about its specifications in detail, and all that without any rush. The other reasons can be:

  • Place and time convenience. Customers can shop online from their homes at any given time. It’s also easier to cancel the order or exchange them.
  • The online shopping platforms keep launching various discount schemes. They apply a certain discount percentage on the purchase of goods worth a certain amount
  • The detailed specification of the product is a bonus.
  • It allows the customer to compare various products, their brand, and their price.
  • It is hassle-free and like any other Nepali store.


Prospects of online shopping in Nepal.

After the introduction of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has shifted toward the digital platform. The loss that many firms had to bear during the pandemic was uncanny, amidst this, Online shopping prospered well. The popularity of online shopping grew as it helped people to avoid any physical contact and any unnecessary outings.

There are a few things that you may want to keep in mind before you shop online. Although online shopping has made the world of shopping narrow and easier, if not paid proper attention while doing so, one might suffer from loss as well.


The factor you consider before buying from online shopping sites in Nepal

A few of such things to consider are:

  • Know exactly what you are buying. Before you place an order take a good look at the picture of the product and pay attention to its description. Sometimes the product looks good in the picture but may not be the same in real life.
  • Shop from a reputed retailer. There is much online shopping available in the market, and not every one of them provides a quality product. So always make sure you do a brief research about them before you place an order.
  • Check the return policy. Much reputed online shopping allows flexibility of a week for the return of the goods and exchanges them with something else. Purchase items only from those who can guarantee the stocking of the other items of the same brand and specification in case there is some default in the one you got.
  • Avoid the too-good-to-be-true offers. That is bait. Everyone is up for business and no one wants to run a business at loss. So if you see any online shopping platforms making offers that are ridiculously low with the market price, you might want to rethink their authenticity.
  • Avoid unauthorized sellers. Because online shopping is a digital platform, many people exploit it for non-professional purposes. If you are making any such purchase, make sure you have some surety regarding the transaction.


Best Online shopping sites in Nepal.

Moving toward the digital world, Nepal has embarked on a new shopping pattern. The safe, hassle-free, convenient way of shopping, online shopping. Since the start of Nepal has progressed rapidly in this, and the sites for Online Shopping have increased just as much. Isn’t it easier to have the product of your choice by merely clicking a few tabs on your laptop or smartphone? That does sound amazing. Let’s learn about the most preferred and famous online shopping site of Nepal.


Daraz Online Shopping in Nepal (

Daraz Nepal or daraz online shopping in Nepal is the first name that pops into our mind whenever we think of online shopping. This started in 2018 and has been received well by thousands of users over the years. It was first introduced by the Kaymu then acquired by rocket international under brand daraz and later Daraz Nepal was acquired by Alibaba Group. Since then Daraz has been taking Nepal’s online market with massive success. Online Shopping Daraz has recently joined, China’s leading e-commerce site in order to increase its online presence.


Hamrobazaar ( c2c and d2c

Hamrobazzar is a savior for you if you are looking for affordable second-hand to first-hand products. Hamrobazar provides the platform for the easy buying and selling of second-hand products at a reasonable price. It believes that the internet is a great promotional channel for connecting buyers and sellers. It helps you list your products for free, and helps you connect directly with one another. Online Shopping in Nepal Sastodeal

Sastodeal is one of the biggest online shopping websites in Nepal. It has its own mobile apps with various updates on its website.  provides a better shopping experience with ease to its customers. They not only provide goods and services at a reasonable price but also have a 3-7 days return policy for purchased goods. They offer cash on delivery, as well as mobile payment facilities.


Bhatbhateini online shopping (

Well, the popularity of Bhatbhateni is a matter of public record. It is loved by millions of Nepalese people due to its wide range of availability of products. They have made shopping easier for their customers and started an online shopping program. All you have to do is log into its website, and there you go! Bhatbhateni moreover shopping mall or complex.


Online Saathi (

Online Saathi is an online shopping site in Kathmandu. Some Unique features in their website make them renowned in a very less period of time. They started with Online EMI services in Nepal. Online Saathi has a strong identity in electronic segments due to EMI facilities. Online Saathi claims to have more than 10000 products on their platform. Online Saathi Online Shopping in Nepal is unique and has a good customer base, especially for EMI.


Nepbay ( Old Nepali online store directory

Nepbay started its service in 2007 and is serving as an online directory of shops in Kathmandu and Lalitpur. They have become a perfect platform for Buyers and Sellers. It helps the advertisers to advertise their products and brands. They offer a selection from a wide variety of stores and categories where the buyers get to select from 1000s of products. One of the old online Nepali stores and Thulo also involved in other digital services.


Muncha House (

They have an early history of their services. They have been active since 2000, and their main aim is to provide unlimited varieties of products with the best quality services. is a digital shopping mall, and a gift site where you can find all the varieties of goods as per your need.  This site is mostly preferred by people living abroad. They purchase various gifts and cards from here for their loved ones.

Socheko ( Online Shopping sites in Nepal

It is a quick and growing site for online shopping. This platform consists of a wide assortment of 10,000+ products with more than 500 categories to choose from. It has succeeded in gaining people’s trust in a very minimal time period due to the strong business background of its founders. 


OK Dam ( Online Shopping Sites in Nepal

It is one of the trusted online shopping portals. You can buy various luxuries, electronics, groceries, Home appliances, clothes, and many more at a very affordable price. They have introduced a one-stop lifestyle, holding results of various local and international brands. They offer mist standard web security in order to maintain your privacy and ensure the security of your data.


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Mero Kirana: Grocery Store Online

This is a Nepalese online grocery business. They operate in Kathmandu valley and provide free delivery within the valley. It is currently growing at a rate of 30% every month and is ready to expand more. Mero Kirana is a Grocery Store Online or a Nepali store.


Sarasmart: Nepali Store

People go for online shopping for “Simply Better Shopping”, which means instant access to a wide variety of goods delivered to your home. sarasmart is a user-friendly e-commerce platform that was launched in 2020 and is known for its excellent shopping experience.


Shifting to online shopping has a greater benefit in this digital world. With the work hours and limited time for personal time, you now don’t have to allocate your off day just to get things from the market. Enjoy the luxury of any item you want by simply placing the order, and there it is right in front of your doorstep.


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