Metaverse Explained

Before discussing metaverse let’s understand what will be developed in social media in the coming days. Imagine meeting up with family or friends, but not in person, but rather in a virtual 3D world. Artificially manufactured is the one. Using a specific headset or glasses, you can access this world while sitting in your room. … Read more

DishHome student plan, get student online package at just Rs.288

DishHome, a media company in Nepal announces the student online package focusing on students. As the third wave of Covid hits the country, the physical classes stopped and almost all the educational institutions started to conduct online classes. Amidst the pandemic, the students who are getting problems with internet affordability have no need to worry … Read more


This topic today is unique to many and is the preference of very less in the Asian world but the passion shown towards this sport in the US is unmatched. It is American Football or simply football in the United States. It is a team game also known as Gridiron and is played by two … Read more

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)? Decentralized finance, or DeFi, refers to a financial system that functions without the use of conventional, centralized middlemen. DeFi is creating its own system for everything not moving through a bank or other financial institutions, like worldwide trade Online transactions using DeFi Coin are perhaps the most well-known application of … Read more

Electric Vehicles (EV) in Nepal

Normally, the term “Vehicle ” means some car, bike, or scooter with a fabulous powertrain or engine. Vehicles powered by diesel or petroleum products are one of the trending subjects in this generation. Due to basic needs and interests, they are the most selling products. But It produces harmful gas like carbon monoxide and is … Read more

ICSE 10TH 2022 1ST Semester Results

Examinees that attended the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) are going to obtain their results fairly soon. The wait of the examinees will come to an end any time now. The Council for Indian School Certification Examination is planning to put out the results by the third or last week of January 2022. Though … Read more

Conference call activation on Ntc /Ncell

Conference call meaning: The other term for the conference call is audio conferencing which means to engage with multiple callers at the same time. Phone meetings and teleconferencing are also other names for it. It is beneficial, especially when there is no internet connection or you don’t have any apps that support instant messaging. This … Read more