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Finding clean public restrooms or toilets is always rare if not impossible. But holding your urge to urinate can be troublesome. Holding it for too long can also cause various urinary infections. Using a clean bathroom is an important part of our hygiene. Pee safe can provide great help for this. Here, is an article on Pee safe.


Pee safe was started with a motive to provide hygienic toilet use. However, it has now extended to menstrual hygiene and personal care. Vikash Bagaria was the founder of Pee safe. It is a company under Redcliffe hygiene Pvt Ltd. It is an Indian company, but it is also present in many other countries.


Pee Safe toilet seat sanitizer

The first product produced by pee safe was a Toilet seat sanitizer. This spray was produced in 2013. This product helps to sanitize the toilet seats. Such sanitized seats have 99.99% less chance of causing infections. There are many toilet-borne diseases. The few are; Shigella, Enterococcus, Staphylococcus, etc. It costs around 175 Indian rupees. You must spray it from a distance of 25 cm. You should also wait for 10 seconds after spraying.


You can buy it easily from the official pee safe website. You can also buy it from amazon, myntra, etc. It comes in various flavors. It is easy to carry, portable and can be used anywhere. It can be used in toilets in malls, restaurants, bathrooms, etc.


Pee Safe period care

Feminine hygiene is very important especially during menstruation. Lack of cleanliness can cause infection or disease. Keep female wellness in mind they have created many products for period care. They are;


  1. Reusable menstrual cups that come in different sizes.
  2. Reusable sanitary pads including both day and night ones.
  3. Intimate wipes, wash, powder for cleaning yourself.
  4. Biodegradable tampons that are both safe and environment friendly.
  5. Cramp relief Roll-on to help with menstrual cramps.


Reusable menstrual cups and sanitary pads are great alternatives to regular pads. Regular pads not only pose threat to the environment but to women as well. Pee safe menstrual cups and sanitary pads are safer and cheap. The wipes, wash, etc helps in cleansing private areas. The wash can be used to rinse private parts instead of soap. It can help in sanitizing, cleansing, and deodorizing. The cramp relief roll-on is a must-have for cramps.


Pee Safe sexual wellness

They also products for sexual health. They have female condoms, massagers, and kegel balls. The domain full body massager is very useful. It is a quick stress reliever. It is also portable, water-proof, and doesn’t make noise. It does not require any batteries, it has a magnetic charging mode. USB is also supported in it.


The kegel balls are made of medical silicone and stainless steel. It is used to prevent urine leakage. It also helps you assist your vaginal health after childbirth. Kegel balls can help reduce the risk of pelvic organ prolapses.


Pee Safe Maternity care

For maternity care, they have maternity pads, breast pads, and breast pumps. The maternity pads have a soft surface that prevents rash. it helps to manage heavy flows and odor. Breast pads help you to absorb the excess milk to prevent leakage. These pads are soft and breathable. The manual breast pump is helpful for nursing mothers. It is made of BPA-free material making it safe for use. The speed and level of suctions can be easily adjusted.


Other available products

There are many products for outdoor care. For example, surface disinfectants, surface protectants, mosquito repellents, etc. There are also many hand sanitizers, and wash available. Adult diapers for elderly people are also available. Body care products such as oils and chafing sticks are also available. Hair tonics, hair color shampoo are also available. Grooming and shaving products are also available.


The best selling products

The list of the best-selling products on the website is as follows. Here, are the prices of it on the official website. The prices are given in Indian rupees and without any discounts or offers.


  1. Reusable menstrual cup of small size. It costs 349 rupees, and the pack of two comes in 698 rupees.
  2. Handheld full body massager, which costs 2499 rupees.
  3. Organic stretch mark oil (60 ml), costs 399 rupees.
  4. Reusable sanitary pads, a pack of 4 ( 3 days + 1 night). It costs 499 rs.
  5. Natural hair tonic (100 ml), costs 899 rupees.
  6. Feminine cramp relief roll-on (1N), costs 199 Rs.


Why Use Pee safe products?

The pee-safe products are essential for daily use. The toilet sanitizer is a must-have for tours and to maintain personal hygiene. The mosquito repellents, sanitizers ensure good family health. The body care products help in caring for your skin. The massager also helps in Therapy. However, the sanitizers, etc might require parental guidance for small children.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 


Is it safe to use?

It is safe to use. The products are made from medically tested products. The pee-safe sanitizer helps to get rid of 99.99% of germs. It also reduces the risk of contracting a UTI (Urinary Tract information).


Is Pee safe an Indian Brand?

It is an Indian brand spread over 15 cities of India. A team of 101 members is present. The brand is also spread over Middle East and Africa. The brand aims to be recognized globally. It also plans to dominate the world of sanitation and hygiene.


Where to buy these products?

You can buy it either from the official websites. We can buy it from Amazon, Myntra, the daraz app, etc. 


Is Pee safe a good brand?

It is one of India’s top hygiene brands. Pee Safe was awarded as “The best SMD brand of the year” at amazon. The quality of the products is also good. The reviews are also positive.


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