Phantom Drone Price in Nepal

Find all the Phantom Drone Price in Nepal. Here, we give you a detailed information regarding the phantom series. Drones are much preferred device used by photographers and videographers to shoot photos and videos. They are specially used to capture aerial views in videography an photography.


DJI Phantom drone Price in Nepal

Get all theDJI Phantom drone Price in Nepal. Phantom Drones are produced by Dji company in Shenzhen, china. Although it is a Chinese company you can purchase original ones in Nepal officially through the official distributors such as Online Saathi, oliz store, smartdoko etc. DJI drones very popular among people  in Nepal. And except these it also has the Mavic mini, Mavic air and tello global drone.


Operating drones in Nepal requires permission from CAAN ( Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal).  We need to get a permit to fly drones that is valid for 3 months. After CAAN permits us we need to follow policy and regulations set by CAAN. And also need to follow rules by local government and municipality.

Here are the versions available of the phantom series:

Phantom 1

This was the first drone in the phantom series, it was a Quadcopter with Gopro or lightweight camera mount. The production of this has already been stopped.

weight 670 g
Size( propellers excluded) 290X290 mm


10 m/s
Flight time Less than 10 minutes.
Camera: No inbuilt camera but supports GoPro
Price in US 379 $


Phantom 2

Phantom 2 series had two type of drones: vision and FC40. The production of this has already been stopped.

weight 1000 grams
Diagonal distance 350 mm
Speed (max)                                                            

Ascent speed

Descent speed

15 m/s (not recommended)

6 m/s

2 m/s

Flight time 25 mins
Camera pixels : 14 MP
Communication distance 1000 meters
Price in US: 1160 $


Phantom 3 Price in Nepal

There are versions of these drones. Such as:  professional , standard ,4K, SE, advanced and SE+. these drones have quite similar properties with only some minor differences. Below are the features of phantom 3 standard. The production of this has already been stopped

weight 1216 g
Size( propellers excluded) 350 mm
Maximum Speed                                                  

Ascent speed

Descent speed

57 kph

5 m/s


Flight time Approx 25 minutes
Camera pixels : 12 MP
sensor 1 / 2.3” CMOS
aperture F / 2.8
Image size 4000X3000
Still photography modes : Single shot

Burst shooting

Auto Exposure

Time Lapse

Video Recording Mode : 2.7 K



Video resolution : 24/25/30/48/50/50 fps
Data cables: USB cables
Max video Bitrate 40 mbps
Live view footage quality: 720 p @ 30 fps
Photo format :

Video format

JPEG, DNG (raw)


ISO Range ( manual ) : 100-1600 (image)

100-3200 (video)

Battery : 4480 mAh
Charger specs : 17.4 V, 57 W
Satellite positioning system : GPS
Operating System : IOS 8.0 or later

Android 4.1.2 or later

Smartphone App : DJI go
Price in Nepal: Nrp 68,000


Phantom 4

These are the phantom drone currently on production. they have autopilot assistance allowing auto focus, and also automatic aircraft landing  , return home. It also has intelligent obstacle sensors that helps sensing danger and helps in avoidance of crash and prevent damage. Hence, it ensures perfect safety and security of the body.

The products available under it are listed here ;

  • The phantom 4 Pro : this was the first one in the phantom 4 series and rest were produced to replace it.
  • Advanced: It was designed in order to replace phantom 4 pro, it has many similar feature . But excluding those it offers rear vision sensors and two infrared sensors. It is a upgrade of the previous version.
  • Pro obsidian: This allows the drone to be painted in obsidian black.
  • Pro V 2.0 : it was release with the same camera capacity but small effective changes. It has low noise propellers. 5 direction obstacle sensing and 6 camera navigation system.
  • RTK : it is uses real time kinematic positioning for extremely accurate aerial mapping. It can also maintain stability in signal poor regions.
  • Multispectral: it consists of 6 RGB camera sensor . to get precise data for smart agriculture it uses multispectral imaging system and helps to get accurate environmental impacts and changes.

The features of phantom 4 pro V 2.0 are:

weight 1375 grams
Size 16X14x9 inch

Ascent speed

Descent speed

45 mph
Flight time Approx. 30 minutes
Camera pixels : 20 MP
camerasensor 1” CMOS
Max wind resistance 10m/s
Image size 5472X3648
Still photography modes : Single shot

Burst shooting


auto exposure Bracketing( AEB) : 3/5 bracketed frames at 0.7 EV bias


Video Recording Mode : 4k,2.7k,HD,FHD
Max video Bitrate 100 mbps
Live view footage quality: 4k/ 60 fps
Photo format :

Video format

Jpeg, dng (raw)

Mp4, mov

ISO Range ( manual ) : 100-12800 (photo)

100-6400 (video)

Mechanical shutter speedm:

Electronic shutter speed:

8-1/2000 s


Controller Type: Remote controllers
Battery : 6000 mAh
Stabilization: 3-axis gimbal
colour : white
Satellite positioning system : Gps+glonass
No. of Rotors: 4
Max flight distance: 11 miles
accesories : DJI googles
Price in Nepal : 1,75,000


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Conclusion on Phantom Drone Price in Nepal

The above mentioned is for and ideal environment conditions, such as great operating temperature and windless condition. Hence, may differ. The best part about these drones are the easy operation .and easy buying due to the availability of online delivery services. The improved sensors provide better protection, the phantom series has the goal to meet users preferences with innovative settings and enhancements. Filmmakers also use this due to its reliability and powerful performance. It also has fast data transmission. Technology is quite updated.  Mobile can also be used to control it.  It is also portable due to its compact size and makes a great travel companion. These drones are not very expensive. Although other accessories are not required but makes the experience better by helping to record without interference and good screen view.


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