PooCoin is one of the tokens available in the Binance smart chain. It is a cryptocurrency exchange, which has its own token. The name of its token is Poocoin itself. If you are eager to invest in it, you have reached the right place. Here is a detailed article on poocoin stock.  


History of PooCoin

The founder of PooCoin is anonymous. It is not new as most of the founders of BSC are anonymous. but, this does not mean it is risky or fake. Most of the successful crypto projects in the market have anonymous founders.   PooCoin was first released on 7 March 2021 for general sale. However, only the next day a charting software was released. The app has constantly been updated since. On March 20, a section for promoted coins was added. Similarly, on March 24 the app made live streaming the charts possible. Currently, there are many features available in the app. We can also track our wallets with the help of the app. The recent version added many more features. The features that come with the rug checked tools are;  

  1. Both create and remove the LP (liquidity pool).
  2. Allows you to both buy and sell your token.
  3. Transfer your token and Lp to the other wallets.
  4. Transfer the BNB (Binance coin) to another wallet.
  5. Change the ownership of the contract.


Binance Smart chain

Binance smart chain abbreviated as BSC is a blockchain network. It was built for the purpose of running smart contract-based applications. It runs parallel with the Binance chain. It provides a platform to develop decentralized applications. The apps are used for managing digital assets. There are various tokens available in the binance smart chain. The top one is Ethereum, followed by binance coin and Tether.  


Buy PooCoin

Create an account:


The first step of buying a PooCoin is creating your account. to create your account you will have to visit their website. click the binance website isYou can click here to go to the BSC website. There are many Phishing activities with fake websites. Make sure to only go to the website if it is secure. Make sure you input the right address. To avoid further risk of fake websites, you can bookmark the authentic website.   After you reach the website, you will have to register as a user. While registering you will need to input your trading details. You can create your account by clicking on the ” register” button. The first detail required is either a mobile number or email address.

While adding an email, make sure your email is secure. Also, make sure that it is easily accessible. After you add your email, make sure you add a strong password. To avoid the risk of hackers guessing it avoid using common passwords.   To make your account more secure, allow two-factor authentication. Enabling this will make you input a unique code every time you log in. This code will be sent to you in your Email or mobile number.  


Buying your poocoin:

You can add money to your crypto wallet account in two ways. You can either add via your bank account or use a card. The card can be either credit or debit card. Transferring capital via bank will require you swift money transfer. You can also buy bitcoin and exchange it with poocoin.   After you have the money in your digital wallet, use this currency to buy poocoin. To buy it click on “buy crypto”. It is located in the top bar. You can now choose the currencies of your choice. If you are buying it with a card, you can choose that credit/debit card option. Now you can choose the desired amount of bitcoin.

After the total price is displayed choose “Buy BTC”. After you read the disclaimer and terms of use, proceed with the payment. For the payment, you will have to verify that it’s you. You will also require an official document. The identification photo must be uploaded with the personal details.   After the verification of your document, you will be sent a confirmation mail. After this, BTC or ethereum coin will be sent to your account.  


Connecting your Metamask account:

Firstly, You will need to create a Metamask account. For this. You will have to search for the metamask extension. After you download it, create an account. Then you can connect your metamask account to BSC. After this, you can deposit your BNB to your metamask wallet.  


Trading your token:

You can trade with the help of the Pancakeswap exchange platform. Firstly, click on the connect to wallet tab. After this, you can select the wallet you want to use to trade. In this case, you will have to choose the metamask wallet. Once you have logged in, you can see the trading interface. Users can then choose the cryptocurrencies they wish to exchange. After choosing desired tokens you want to swap confirm it. then, the desired token is available in your wallet.  

Storing Poocoin in hardware wallet:

There are many devices you can use to store your poocoin. Some good devices are, Ledger Nano S, Nano X, etc. These devices have many languages available for trading. They are also affordable and portable. You can also use it on both desktops and laptops. It is also very easy to use. They only cost around 50 to 100 dollars.  


Other ways to buy Poocoin:

This is the safest way to buy a Poocoin. You can also buy bitcoin from local sellers and change with Poocoin (poo Coin). You can buy it from a local company dealing with cryptocurrency. If you live in Europe you can also buy it through online banks. There are various online banks offering these services.  


Price of PooCoin:

The prices of the Poocoin are constantly changing. The prices are publicly available. You can check the price from coinmarketcap.com. The current price of the Poocoin is 1.94$. The lowest price PooCoin has reached is 0.08442 $. The highest price is 11.26 $. It obtained the highest price in May. The poo coin has been down by around 12.35 %. It is currently ranked as 4763 by coinmarketcap. You may also like

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FAQ on PooCoin

Is poocoin safe?

The official poocoin app “poocoin.app” is indeed safe. However, there are many fake websites with the same name. One of the most popular fake websites is “poocoin.us”. Although the site may look similar, it is used for phishing services. So, when you use the transaction service be aware of the scams.  

Is poocoin a good investment?

According to many news, there is a high risk of poocoin. Before you start investing, ensure that you understand the market. It might be a good idea to invest a little amount of money in it. from the financial prospectus, you can opt for other options. Instead, you can also invest in shares from different companies.  


Poocoin is basically just one of the many cryptocurrencies available. You can easily manage it with help of the app available. It has certain risks like any other virtual coin. crypto mining might be difficult, but can also be a good way to earn money. The exchanges and Transactions if properly done can be a great help to people. Sometimes people use poo coin as an alternative for poocoin.

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