Royalty for Nepali Singers From Facebook Reels

This is a piece of very good news for Nepali singers as they will now get a royalty from Facebook and Instagram Reels. There was a recent agreement with Meta by the Music Royalty Collection Society Nepal (MRCSN). This agreement made sure that the singers get a cut from their music running in short videos. This is actually a very trendy feature on both Facebook and Instagram.

Agreement with Meta

On 17th March, MRCSN signed an agreement with the parent company of Facebook and Instagram i.e. Meta. The songs by Nepali artists will now be permitted for earning a royalty of its singers for Reels after this agreement. Reels are short and entertaining teaser videos. These are really gaining popularity on social platforms. Also, recently, its launch is all over the globe.

The Nepali Singers got the beta version of the short video feature into their account for the recent time being. However, Reels will be available in full version for Nepali users as well after the formal agreement with Meta.

Royalty from Reels

According to Mangesh Dutta, CTO of the MRCSN, the arrangement with Meta means that the songs featured on Reels would generate royalties for Nepali performers. However, there is one stipulation.

Singers must register with MRCSN in order to get royalty payments for their songs.
“Even these days, Nepali songs appear on foreign platforms,” Dutta remarked. “However, the original artists who created them have not been compensated fairly for their work. To solve this, we worked up a deal with Meta to ensure that Nepali vocalists receive royalties from Facebook and Instagram Reels”.

Not only that but there’s more. More deals are in the works for the Royalty Collection Society. Dutta stated that the organization is working on an agreement with Spotify and other music outlets to bring them into the realm of royalty. “To do so, the registration of songs on the platforms is necessary.”



For years, the idea of artists collecting (or not receiving) royalties for their songs has sparked debate. Singers requested a cut on music played on radios and other electronic platforms, whether for radio or other electronic platforms for long. However, with the advent of social media, musical borders have become even hazier. Nepali songs are popular not only in Nepal but also throughout South Asia and beyond.

They also receive a significant number of views and plays on overseas platforms. To get a taste, listen to any popular Nepali song and notice how many people from other countries are commenting.

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Nepali music is widely popular on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. However, the artists are not compensated. However, because of a contract struck with Meta, the world’s largest social media company, Nepali singers will be able to get royalties from Facebook and Instagram Reels.